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Leg’s Talk + One Good Side

Yesterday, I came across two photos that I thought were worth sharing. Literally had me laughing out loud.

The first: Leg’s Talk! I took the excerpt below from the site..

how do you feel today? Measure your attitude by the lenght of your skirt! Demure, discreet, subtle, playful, sensual, impulsive, seductive, provocative, daring, passionate, cheeky, dangerous, femme fatal. Footless leggings” Hahahaha.

I’ll probably never were these tight, but it’s funny and could be a good guide in matching your attitude with your skirt!

Available for purchase here.

Now, this bag is misleading. Hehe. It’s supposedly a fun way to show your curvy side. Pretty hilarious, right? I love how people just come up with crazy ideas and go for it.

It’s a sturdy canvas bag with an inner zipper pocket for keys and accessories. It’s large at 17 x 4 x 20″. Available here. Enjoy…xx



  1. LainaLain December 16, 2011 Reply

    Lol leg’s talk is too witty.

  2. Anonymous December 18, 2011 Reply

    I love the idea of text on tights! There are so many possibilities, aaah! Maybe there’s a DIY in there? I’ll surely try!

  3. Cheris Courtney December 18, 2011 Reply


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