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WINNER of $250 Amex Holiday Shopping Challenge

Last week, I mention that I was challenged by American Express to shop for my loved ones on a tight budget. They provided me with $250 and 40, 000 Membership Reward Points to shop for five people.

Out of the five gifts, three of them were from Small Businesses in my area. As a business owner myself, it was important for me to patronize my local indie shops.

My husband is a foodie – he runs our food blog TastePantry.com, so I bought a gift cert to Momed. He just discovered this modern Mediterranean restaurant, so I figured this will be a perfect gift for him, plus he can take me as his date!

For my two little girls, I went with Color Me Mine Beverly Hills – It’s a fun and creative arts and crafts center for kids. My kids love to paint, so this is a great way for them to showcase their talent.

For my teenage son & niece. I got them a gift card to the movies. They love hanging out with friends on the weekend, so why not catch a matinee and still have some change left for lunch?

It was really tough to pick a winner, as I loved all of your responses. However, Sabrina Summers seemed to have the perfect solution. One which I need to figure out how to incorporate into my idea of “staying within a holiday budget”.

I am a stay at home mom and homeschool mom of two.  Since my husband is the only person working we live off a very tight budget. When it comes to the holidays I am first very realistic with my children when we sit and discuss their Christmas list.  We determine what their needs are versus their wants.  About two years ago I bought big-ticket items such as an xbox and leapster so both are gifts that keep on giving because I can just buy new games. I avoid going to the store without my handy list of items I am looking for.  I keep my list on me because I have already done research on the products at home and I have a spreadsheet
with pricing of each item. I don’t get caught up with store distractions that is why I do the majority of my Christmas shopping during the day why people are at work.  That way I can be in and out without standing in long lines where my eyes may wonder and I begin to loose focus.  So to sum it up I shop during the day, shop on a full stomach, keep my list in hand and only buy what I have budgeted for.  Oh yeah and I take out the cash for the amount I will be spending to avoid over spending.”

Facebook (Sabrina Summers) Twitter (@SabrinaAS).

CONGRATS to you, Sabrina.

We will be hosting more giveaways throughout the holiday, so don’t be discouraged. Thank you for participating and making this a success. xx



  1. Olori Lola November 30, 2011 Reply

    Congrats Sabrina

  2. Olori Lola November 30, 2011 Reply

    Congrats Sabrina

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