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How to Spend It Magazine Featuring Charlotte T

“How to Spend it” is a luxury lifestyle magazine that has some of the most fabulous fashion spreads I have ever seen.

The editorial featuring model Charlotte T., takes your eyes on a magical ride of retro mod colors and eclectic mixed prints.

Although, while viewing the photos, the hairstyles were a little distracting, but if you concentrate on just the wardrobe,  brilliant mix of prints, it totally makes up for the hairdo.  What do you think? Enjoy…xx



I love every single inch of the photos. I have been watching those Prada boots for a couple of months now. The hair is whimsy and fun. Don't know why fashion just excite and inspires me. Thanks for sharing. 

Collette Osuna
Collette Osuna

How fun would it be to have ALL of these pieces in your closet?? LOVE!! Happy Weekend Sweets!