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The Lady Killer Engagement Ring

Imagine if your took you the a romantic spot, got down on his knees, presented a box and proposed to you with this ring? Would you run or say “I do”? What will actually go through your mind?

A company in the UK called Laikingland collaborated wit Atelier Ted Noten to house a tiny robot arm and a ring inside a jewelry box. The wedding proposal is now contained and presented through a small glass box, holding the Lady Killer ring.

The glass box contains a small but powerful robotic arm created by the latest 3D printing technology. At the end of the arm, a stunning ring sits quietly waiting to be awakened by the proposal, the moment of truth and the vision of eternity. At a push of a button, the customized mechanism comes to life. The arm awakens and begins its journey in order to display the ring. It rises slowly and rotates the arms towards the recipient. After it shows the piece from every angle, then it extends outwards to await the final decision. Will it be Yes?

Haha…oh, and in case she asks for the specs on the ring, it is 22 carat yellow gold, with a .50 carat diamond and a .03 carat 2mm black diamond. Only 18 pieces were made this month. Enjoy..xx


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  1. Nikell October 27, 2011 Reply

    It’s very unique. I like it though. It’s a conversation piece for sure. But I’m clumsy so I’d be afraid of bonking it on something and breaking it.

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