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Winner: Amex Biggest Online Shopping Mistake Contest

Alright, let’s cut to the chase here. Thank you all for participating in the Amex Biggest Online Shopping Mistake Contest. I can relate to almost all of your stories.

I have selected my top 10 mistakes submitted by you along with suggestions from me on how online savvy shopping can be accomplished. Continue to read and find out who the lucky winner is below. Enjoy….xx

“One of my biggest regrets was purchasing my wedding dress on Ebay. The fabric was cheap, it looked like a “do it yourself (at home)” type of dress. It cost me $400 and I never wore it. It is in my closet to this day. Janessa Hopkins” –Janessa

SP: It is certainly not advisable to purchase a wedding dress on Ebay. There are so many things that could go wrong with this as you have experienced. If you can’t afford to purchase or have a dress made, may I suggest renting? Go into the store, try on several and rent.

“I shop online and a few years ago I ordered a pair of size 8 pink heels from Ebay, but when they arrived they were HUGE! They were in Europe sizing and I didn’t know that beforehand lol.” – colleen boudreau

SP: This is a common mistake – Especially on Ebay, as it is an international marketplace. In all situations, it is important to note “item location” on the right hand side of the listing page. If the seller is shipping from outside the U.S., that’s a flag. Always start up a correspondence and ask questions before bidding.

“I’ve made the same mistake a bazillion times. I order the wrong size when I shop online. Even though I usually shop the same brands, sizes can vary, and I get stuck with clothes that don’t fit. Why stuck? Because mistake #2 is that I don’t return things. Too lazy.” -Stephanie Perry

SP: Ugh, this just happened to me last week, though I have been shopping online for 13 years. I think this will happen from time to time, especially if you are trying a new brand. The good news is that most companies send a return label/slip along with your order. If you got the wrong size, place the item back in the box it came in, attach the return label and hand it to your mail man when next he delivers your mail.

“The biggest shopping regret for me was when i ordered some vitamins and herbal supplements online and hit the submit button which would not go through. i kept hitting it (nearly 6 times) until it went through, but i was also charged 6 times for it and it put my bank into overdraft which then gave me an over draft fee. the ripple effect. took a lot of talking it over to fix that mistake.” –laura draculonis

SP: I feel your pain. Again, this happened to me too. Only got charged twice, not six. Moving forward, click the “buy” button once. Your computer may be slow, something may be wrong with the brand’s server…wait it out after clicking buy if the confirmation page does not appear right away. If you keep clicking or hit the “go back” button, chances are you are making multiple purchases.

“I was making a denim apron as a birthday gift for my god-daughter. I bought the fabric online and when it was shipped to my house, I noticed that the box was HUGE! I opened it up and looked at the invoice, I must have mistakenly put in for 100 yards of denim instead of 10 yards. Lets just say I was broke, confused and had denim for days LOL…Im still sewing with denim to this day.” – Krystle

SP: Wow, seriously, this is where American Express Premium Return Protection Service will come in handy. It’s a genius new service that you can sign up for (no Amex card needed!) This service protects you from purchase regrets, giving consumers up to 180 days.. SIX MONTHS to return items that stores refuse.

“My biggest purchase regret would be signing up for multiple mastercards the minute i turned 18 and then going wild and buying all kinds of stuff that i didn’t really need. Shoes, dresses, dvds, food, you name it, i bought it. i maxed out multiple cards within a short period of time and that ruined my credit for a while. Definitely my biggest shopping mistake” –Annie Lexington

SP: You are not the only one. I think a lot of people out there can relate to you. The good thing is that not only have you learned from your mistakes you have seen how damaging it can be. Every card holder needs to have control and discipline to avoid that path.

“My biggest shopping mistake was buying a purse from an online store located all the way in China. I wanted that purse so bad and I knew it would look cute on me lol!! Against my better judgement, I paid via Western Union gasp!!! 🙁 and till today have still to receive what I paid for. After about a month, when my intuition slapped me in the back of my head, I searched the company’s name online and lo and behold, negative reviews for days. I have never made that mistake again!” –Zeraforyou

SP: When shopping from an independent or even bigger brands (local or international), please read reviews first – reviews about the company and the product(s). Especially if it’s an international transaction. If you had read the reviews, you wouldn’t have purchased the bag.

“Insomnia and Qvc are the worse! After a late nite of cramming for tests, The only thing on was Qvc. I must have been half asleep when i purchased several items from their Christmas in July special Including maternity pants( <—- not pregnant then lol) Gardening clogs and gloves set( I live in 4th floor apartment) and several other topiary like things” –Tequila Brown-Green

SP: Wow! This is why I leave items in my shopping cart overnight. Because I know when I wake up in the morning, I’ll feel refreshed and perhaps differently about the products in my shopping basket. You can even try walking away from your computer for a couple of hours. Trust, if you don’t delete your entire cart, you will take some things out.

“My biggest shopping mistake would be buying without researching. I have found many coupon codes after purchases” – Willona Morris

SP: Yes, this is true. Personally, I tend to research the particular item by googling “brand + coupon code” or “product + coupon code” – It works.

“I’ve definitely learned how to make wiser choices when shopping online. I’ve experienced it all…poor fit…wrong size ordered…colors that arrive at my door looking completely different than they did on my macbook.  Through experience, I’ve learned the importance of shopping brands that I know, carefully reviewing shipping and return policies, and reading item descriptions for fabric and cut information.  Above all, I understand that shopping online will always include an unknown factor.” – Haute Wife Today

SP: You are absolutely right. Couldn’t have said it better. Even if you take proper caution and shop with brands that you have shopped with for years. You still take a chance with each online purchase.

“So late one night I decided to do a little online shopping since I was bored.  I had seen the cutest Burberry Trench Coat and it was on sale so of course I ordered it not really looking too much into the details.  My package arrived and I thought I didn’t need to take it out the box since it wasn’t the weather to wear it yet. A few months pass by and I go in my closet to finally wear my Burberry coat only to take it out the box and the coat is KIDS NOT WOMEN!!! You can only imagine how upset I was that i had bought a little girls coat versus a woman.”

SP: CONGRATULATIONS, Tia Davis. YOU WON!!!!! Haha – I would have been pissed! Probably not so much because I have two little girls, but darn it. I can only imagine how disappointed you were, so what did you do with it? Next time, please open the box. At least to try it on and make sure it’s the right fit, cut, color, etc. Please email us at Stylepantry@gmail.com with your contact information.




  1. Cheris Courtney October 24, 2011 Reply

    Hahaha!!  Congrats Tia!!
    Love the advice given!

  2. Anonymous October 25, 2011 Reply

    Great post, thanks to sharing, online shopping is the best way for shopping. You can buy  great stuff from instock.com

  3. amber loranger October 26, 2011 Reply

    I totally sympathize with Colleen… I have the hardest time finding shoes cos I wear wide ones… and though I have learned to be really careful about the sizing, occasionally I end up buying a pair from a doofus who marks them as “wide” when they’re really “narrow”… umm, that’s a BIG DIFFERENCE! or they are considered wide, but they’re vintage, so they’re actually just regular shoe size.. lucky for my sister she has almost the same feet as mine, but narrower…. shakes fist..

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