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Style Pantry Accessories Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I was trying to think of my next giveaway to you all. I announced it on facebook and asked for your help. Majority of suggested that I give some accessories – Put sets of accessories together and give it to three lucky winners.

Well, I took your advice but twigged it a bit. All the accessories you see below belongs to one lucky winner.

Simply tell me your favorite “OOTD = Outfit of The Day” of mine in the “My Style Section” in the last month and why you like it. Maybe post a link? This is just another way for me to connect with you. I want to know what you all like as well. I can probably tell a little about your individual styles based on what you pick 😉

I will randomly pick a winner a week from today, Oct 23rd.

To win, you have to make sure you are following Style Pantry on twitter here and on Facebook here. Please, leave your name (along with your comment) for both. Good luck. xx

I wrap this colorful beaded necklace around my wrist and layer with other gold bracelets. Fun.

My fingers are quite skinny, but this piece still fits snug. You may be able to expand it, though.



  1. Charmaine Beckett October 16, 2011 Reply

    Looking throught the OOTD for the last few weeks to pick a favorite is a great way to spend a Sunday morning 😉
    I picked this one http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/12/mens-sweater-printed-70s-skirt-70s-boots/. I love it because of the skirt. It’s a awesome print in great colours. I think it is one of those pieces that does what great style should do …. it makes you happy to wear it. You know if you are having an off day just throw it on and instant good mood! Also, I have a thing for boots so anything that shows them off works for me.
    Thanks for the chance to score some fantastic accessories!!

  2. Denice Chinn October 16, 2011 Reply

    I loved them all, but I liked the shredded tee OOTD http://stylepantry.com/2011/09/30/shredded-white-t-shirt-boyfriend-jeans/ Simple with a pop of color and accessorizing…you can NEVER go wrong!  I’ve always wanted some green pumps and this look can easily go with ANY color heels, wedges, whatever. It the perfect outfit for a chill weekend and it could have easily gone to an OOTN by adding a blazer =)

    Facebook- Denice Chinn
    Twitter- BTSSB86

  3. Mrs Rene October 16, 2011 Reply

    I loved the snow leopard shirt with faux fur vest and bell bottoms. Firstly what girl doesn’t love an animal print! The shirt under the vest is so chic and the relaxed bell bottoms just pulls it all together. Your accessories are always amazing! Love the owl chain and arm party galore! 
    Facebook Dominique Rene
    Twitter lipstickmanual
    Blog http://www.lipstickmanual.blogspot.com 

  4. E October 16, 2011 Reply

    I adored the plaid blazer,leopard printed shirt, ankle jeans and leopard
    print slippers amazingly DOPE! Your style definitely gives us



    Facebook-Erika Callaway-Brooks


  5. Monique Harcum October 16, 2011 Reply

    Picking my favorite is not an easy task.  I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU WEAR!!!
    If I had to choose, than it would be this Vintage Maxi Dress! Beautiful!!!
    You inspire me to have more confidence, fun and pride in the way I dress!
    I have a “fashion” life after Baby & turning 40 🙂

    Twitter: moniquerh1
    Facebook: Monique Harcum

  6. Sebra October 16, 2011 Reply

    I actually had two favorites which were the plaid blazer with the leopard print shirt and http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/05/coral-tux-blazer-orange-safari-shirt-electric-blue-ankle-skinnies/ but if I was to pick one, it would have to be the latter (coral tux blazer). The blazer and skinnies got me going crazy that’s how much I adored it. I loved how you were able to put them together and pair them with leopard print shoes (one’s gotta love a touch of animal print 😀 ). Simply fabulous. Following your style trends has helped with mine, I can play with colors more and still look great.

    Twitter: Selina_kanni

    Facebook: Selina Kanni
    Blog: http://ahintintomyworld.blogspot.com

  7. Anonymous October 16, 2011 Reply

    My favorite outfit of the day is the plaid blazer+ leopard print shirt + Ankle jean + Leopard print slippers… I like this OOTD because its so my style and something I would definitely wear. I also love the leopard print…very chic…Facebook:Qunessa J, twitter: qjonesified

  8. dbskb8 October 16, 2011 Reply

    My favoriite OOTD of yours is definitely the Coral Tux Blazer with the Orange Safari Shirt and the Electric Blue Ankle Skinnies! I love the boldness of it and how you paired the orange and blue. Facebook: Danae Smith, Twitter: danae416

  9. Antonia Craig October 16, 2011 Reply

    my favorite is your outfit from 10/2/11. i love the cut of the blazer along with the elbow patches, and always the print mixing! http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/02/plaid-blazer-leopard-print-shirt-ankle-jean-leopard-print-slippers/

    twitter: tontilicious
    fb: antonia craig

  10. Maria Scott October 16, 2011 Reply

    I am crazy in love with the
    Snow Print Leopard, faux fur vest and bell bottom 70’s jeans. I am
    putting together this outfit for myself as we speak. I love it because
    it’s classy but not too over the top so that it can be a casual look as
    well. It is an effortless look and the splashes of red totally make the
    outfit pop! http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/03/snow-leopard-print-shirt-faux-fur-vest-bell-bottoms/

  11. Tammy Goodson October 16, 2011 Reply

    I love stripes and I love them even more when mixed with other patterns.  We have all seen the leopard print mixed with the typical red and denim but never with the conservative flair of the striped sweater you are wearing so this is the perfect combo.  The over the knee “two material” boots are the perfect finish to the look.  They add a playful look to the entire ensemble.

  12. Vanisha Africanexport S October 16, 2011 Reply

    FB: AFRICANEXPORT or Vanisha Africanexport S
    My favorite would be the ankle jeans, leopard shirt and loafers with the fabulous suede patch blazerhttp://stylepantry.com/2011/10/02/plaid-blazer-leopard-print-shirt-ankle-jean-leopard-print-slippers/Definitely a look that I would rock, its very stylish, and could work with pump or flats! 

  13. Tracy October 16, 2011 Reply

    All of those pieces are gorgeous. Me likey!

    My favorite look was hard to pick because you always kill it. But the look with the men’s sweater, 70’s printed skirt and 70’s boots. That outfit was so amazing because the men’s shirt looked so feminine because of how you styled it. And the necklace was such a great pop of color off that gray sweater. I loved it so much.

    FB: Tracy Miller
    twitter: theclosetshoppr

  14. berneezyk October 16, 2011 Reply

    I’m a blazer and jeans kinda girl…so Coral Tux Blaze + Orange Safari Shirt + Electric Blue Ankle Skinnies was my favorite color. I loved the look so much, i’m trying to find the pieces to re do it. 

    twitter: ivyleagueclique
    facebook: Bernice Kwashie

  15. kbeavers1 October 16, 2011 Reply

    My favorite outfit of yours was the Shredded White T Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans ( http://stylepantry.com/2011/09/30/shredded-white-t-shirt-boyfriend-jeans/ ). I love that it was laid back and comfortable yet still sexy with the one shoulder — totally my style. And also that it was a new spin on the classic “white tee and blue jeans”. That shredded shirt was perfection but what really made the outfit was your accessories. The white sort of acted as a clean canvas for your accessories to pop. My first thought when I saw that post was “WHY don’t I own a pair of green pumps!?” Lol! Love your site!


  16. Chi Chi A. October 16, 2011 Reply

    I LOVE your October 5th look the best!  The color blocking with the coral blazer and electric blue jeans and the leopard print stilettos!  I follow you on both FB and Twitter. 

    FB:  Chi Chi Anyanwu
    Twitter:  Chinyaray

  17. Shasie October 17, 2011 Reply

    I’m following you via twitter with @livelifeinstyle:twitter and on facebook with Shalanda ‘Shasie’

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

    My Perfect for Bloggers Giveaway!

  18. Sophia Mallette October 17, 2011 Reply

    One of my favorite ‘outfit of the day’ this month is the “JCrew Sweater + 70s Pleated Maxi Dress” [http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/10/jcrew-sweater-70s-pleated-maxi-dress/]. I love when you showcase more than one one to wear an outfit. this one is just so classic and sexy at the same time. I follow you on twitter

  19. Jenille Alleyne October 17, 2011 Reply

    My favorite OFTD will have to be the one from 10/11(http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/11/edun-trench-coat-gingham-shirt-edun-skinny-jeans/). I love this outfit because its easy but still fantastic! I love tucking my shirts in jeans and wearing heels, especially masculine button down shirts. It makes me feel androgynous and sexy at the same time. I also love your shredded shirt and jeans look because once again its easy, but still fun because you added a pop of color with your shoes! I love looks that are easy but still fun because I do not have enough time in the morning! 

    twitter and fb: Jenille Alleyne 

  20. Monyca Bedford October 17, 2011 Reply

    My Fave look of the Month so far is the Shredded White T-shirt & Boyfriend Jeans! It’s cool laid back look but ready to go anywhere type of look…I love that and sexy at the same time!

    I’ve been following on FB for awhile and now on Twitter!

    Monyca Bedford

  21. Jessica Levenson Madden October 17, 2011 Reply

    My fav OOTD is this:


    Why?  Because I love t-shirts and jeans, and this is a fresh take on an oldy but goody.  Love it!  I already follow you on Twitter and “Like” you on FB!  🙂

  22. Summer Summerelli October 17, 2011 Reply

    My favorite OOTD is http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/05/coral-tux-blazer-orange-safari-shirt-electric-blue-ankle-skinnies/

    You blend bright colors and prints effortlessly! I follow you on chictopia, Twitter (Summerelli) and Facebook.

  23. Keisha Brathwaite October 17, 2011 Reply

    StylePantry is like my daily dose of coffee. 🙂 Luv it, luv it……..LUV IT!!!

    Twitter: tisbrat
    Facebook: Keisha B.

  24. Niurka Maldonado October 17, 2011 Reply

    Twitter Name: NiurkaMaldonado

    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/NiurkaMaldonado

    Favorite My Style Outfit: Plaid Blazer + Leopard Print Shirt + Ankle Jeans + Leopard Print Slippers (http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/02/plaid-blazer-leopard-print-shirt-ankle-jean-leopard-printslippers/)

    I ADORE this look!  Besides the obvious reasons (the bold look of unmatching patterns, the edgy and chunky jewelery pieces, and the unconventional move to wear two leopard print pieces in the same outfit), I can’t get over the occasion for which you chose to wear such a great look – your kid’s soccer game – Absolutely brilliant. It stands out so much in that environment; I imagine when your son needed some reassurance and was looking for his mother’s face – you were easy to spot, and yet it is more than just a daring look – it actually looks super comfortable (from the hair in it’s natural glorious state, to the flats, to the blazer for extra warmth.  It can be so challenging balancing a look that is both edgy and appropriate (and practical) for a family occasion – this look balances that to perfection

  25. Janessa October 17, 2011 Reply

    My favorite OOTD would have to be http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/13/faux-fur-vest-pussy-bow-dress-ankle-boots/ of course!

    I love the way you paired the patterned tights with the paisely pussy bow skirt. The textured faux fur tied all the patterns together giving it a funky country diva-ish look (if there ever was one 🙂

  26. Jana'e Holmes October 17, 2011 Reply

    I had such a hard time deciding which OOTD that I liked more. After much debate, I’m down to two OOTD which are the Shredded T-Shirt and Boyfriend jeans http://stylepantry.com/2011/09/30/shredded-white-t-shirt-boyfriend-jeans/, or the Pencil Midi Skirt with the Horse print Blouse http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/06/horse-print-shirt-pencil-midi-skirt/.
    I love the Shredded t-shirt and jeans because it was so versatile. You can wear it to run errands during the day or add some jewelry and heels for evening. I work in the corporate field and I’m always looking for work wear, so the Pencil Skirt and Horse Print Blouse was a great pairing.
    If I had to decide…. I just can’t…. Okay the Shredded T-shirt and Boyfriend jeans! Although I love both!
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002154759974
    Twitter Name: CurlyKinky

  27. Melanie Kevin Joseph October 17, 2011 Reply

    I love all of your Daily Outfits…lol   But I must say Im a jean & tee shirt mama most of the time. Unless out w/ my husband.   So Im going to pick your elegant rendition of T-shirt & Boyfriend Jeans. http://stylepantry.com/2011/09/30/shredded-white-t-shirt-boyfriend-jeans/.   Its all in the detailing from the gold earrings and necklace to the pop of green in the shoes.   This could be my everyday uniform…classy, comfortable and chic.   – MJ 


  28. Aparajita Deshpande October 17, 2011 Reply

    I love this one 🙂

    I didn’t think yellow and blue would make an interesting combination till I saw this 🙂 Loving the neck piece and shoes too. Also, I love how you pull off bright colors so successfully 🙂


  29. Cherrie J. October 17, 2011 Reply

    As I told you on twitter I really love your style (which inspired me to create a look based on one of yours)! My favorite look that you have done within the past month has to be this one http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/05/coral-tux-blazer-orange-safari-shirt-electric-blue-ankle-skinnies/

    I love the bright colors that you have on in this look and the detailing on the blazer is simply gorgeous! I would never be brave enough to mix these colors together, but I love the way you pulled it off. The leopard print pumps adds such a nice edge to the look and I love the pop of turquoise in your necklace and nail polish. 


    Twitter: @MsCherrieAmore
    Facebook: Charita Johnson

  30. Anonymous October 17, 2011 Reply

    I just recently cam across your blog in the past few weeks and I muat say that I am always amazed by the differnet outfits you showcase and your “recycling” of pieces. I consider myself to be an “out of the box” fashionista and I love how you incorporate that fashion lifestyle into your outfits. I, also, love how you have the “rule of 3” layering down! Which is why I chose your look from 10.5.2011 – Coral Tux Blazer + Orange Safari Shirt + Electric Blue Ankle Skinnies. This look is definitely something I could picture myself wearing. From the sickenly gorgeous leopard pumps… to the beautiful coral clazer… it’s just an outfit that catches the eye! I look forward to more fabulous My Style features to come…

    Facebook: Candace Smith

  31. Anonymous October 17, 2011 Reply

    i love the outfit u wore on Sept 26, the striped sweater with button up shirt and thigh high boot.It looked effortless yet chic school girl sexy and very preppy.i just had to pick one cos i love ur style and u may not know it but i’m ur stalker shhhhhhh it’s a secret lol. I always look forward to what u will be rocking everyday,plus dat hair of urs is something else i loooooooove it.
    facebook Anthony

    • Style Pantry October 22, 2011 Reply

      Lips are sealed. I won’t tell the cops you are stalking me 🙂 LOL – Thank you so much!

  32. Tiffany K White October 18, 2011 Reply

    My favorite OOTD is the Blazer and Button up Shirt and ripped jeans. I love this look, because I am also a soccer Mom, and this gives me a look other than bulky sweaters and sweats! It just looks comfortable and put together for anyday of the week! And I can go somewhere else after the game without changing. I have to also say, once I saw this blazer with the elbow pads, it reminded me of a blazer my boyfriend wears that I LoVe on him. So when I saw this, I never imagined I could wear one! So I asked him for his to keep (to get altered of course, a little big) and he said ‘Yes!” I love him, and I love this look! Thank you! I have you on my blog at http://www.tiffanystransformations.blogspot.com

  33. Keisha October 18, 2011 Reply

    My favorite OOTD has to be the soccer mom outfit, the plaid blazer, leopard print shirt, leopard print slippers and ankles jeans from October 2nd. I love how well the leopard and plaid combo work together. And the slippers, I think I’m in love! I follow you on twitter: Keishaoslyn, and am always inspired by your daily outfits. As a college student, anything helps when rushing to get dressed for class in the mornings. Currently living without facebook but I do have a blog, http://lyngilkesjou.wordpress.com/. Its not a fashion blog, but it does reflect me. 

  34. Melanie Rosemin October 19, 2011 Reply

    My twitter name is cipherwitme
    So this has to be one of the most difficult questions that ive been asked this week by far lol. I LOVEyour style so much so that I had your fitted dashiki remade just for me :)…loved the colors, n like u, orange looks great on me too ;-). …which brings me to my decision of OOTD http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/05/coral-tux-blazer-orange-safari-shirt-electric-blue-ankle-skinnies/ I love your coral tux blazer, orange safari shirt and electreic blue jeans. I love how you paired the colors together in a way that the average person wouldnt have thought of, (u have a true talent and im glad that u are recognized for it). Not to mention how the jeans just make the entire outfit pop! oh n the shoes! Oh yes the shoes, well its the icing on the cake! The entire look comes together so nicely from head to toe. You are a true inspiration to myself and lots of other people, you show us everyday that when you look good in the outside, you feel good on the inside and as long as you’re always doing what you love it will seem effortless and you will be blessed. Ok sorry to get off track lol but this is one ( n it was a toss up)of my favorite outfits! Please continue doing what youre doing.

  35. Anonymous October 21, 2011 Reply

    Facebook name is Mariel Chambers
    As I type this I’m attempting to feed my 7 week old baby girl..I also don’t have a twitter acct but hope this entry will still be considered…I was truly intrigued by your Oct 12th post..the menswear v neck sweater, 70s boot,and the icing on the cake floral printed skirt… When I viewed this post I literally ran to H&M to find it…(wasn’t successful)but still feel like I can capture this outfit with a look alike.. I Love the fact you pushed the envelope with this summery floral print in Oct.. This let me know that floral prints aren’t only dictated to summer but can be paired to give it fall look..I also love the fact that wven though your a mother you didnt let having children dictate your fashion sense. I admire that and I look forward to duplicating this outfit and wearing it on the streets of Chicago!

  36. Guest October 21, 2011 Reply

    Facebook as Mariel Chambers 
    As I type this I’m attempting to feed my 7 week old baby girl..I also don’t have a twitter acct but hope this entry will still be considered…I was truly intrigued by your Oct 12th post..the menswear v neck sweater, 70s boot,and the icing on the cake floral printed skirt… When I viewed this post I literally ran to H&M to find it…(wasn’t successful)but still feel like I can capture this outfit with a look alike.. I love the fact you pushed the envelope with this summery floral print in Oct.. This let me know that floral prints aren’t only dictated to summer but can be paired to give it fall look..I look forward to duplicating this outfit and wearing it on the streets of Chicago!

  37. Robbi Taylor October 21, 2011 Reply

    My favorite outfit of the day is actually the one that attracted me to your sight. It was your October 2nd outfit. I was checking out Curlynikki as usual when I was your outfit of the day featured….Immediately I was intigued. Your pairing of plad with the leopard as phenominal! Since that day you have been added to my daily blog reading. I even told my sister about you and now she is looking at your blog daily as well. I love your style and the fact that you shop from sights I’ve heard of and can actually afford! and sn: I had major hair envy of you in that post as well 😉 ~Robbi T

  38. Eliseba Osore October 22, 2011 Reply

    My Facebook name is Eliseba Osore and my Twitter name is SebaTWOothtiger. My favorite outfit post of yours is the Oct 4th one http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/04/navy-blazer-white-button-up-shirt-diy-floral-maxi-skirt/ ) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  this outfit because I love mixing plain pieces with printed pieces. Not to mention, that skirt is gorgeous. You have single handedly inspired me to wear maxi skirts! In fact I almost bought that dress to make it into that skirt! By the way, I love you site and your style and your hair!!!

  39. Francesca Scarpato October 22, 2011 Reply

    The outfit post I like the most is the Oct 19th one http://stylepantry.com/2011/10/19/vintage-pleated-midi-dress/. It’s a lovely outfit since I’ve been looking around for vintage clothes and similar pleated skirts or dresses in vintage shops nearby: I found one black and it’s marvellous.
    My fb name is francesca scarpato. Lots of love, fran.

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