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Paper Dresses by Matthew Brodie

Saw this Madame magazine spread and was immediately drawn to the colors and shapes. Was even more impressed to find out that these were “Paper Dresses” created by Matthew Brodie.

He designed a whole collection of paper dress and crafted his own props and set. He said:

“We really wanted to create something beautiful from a material that doesn’t normally lend itself to being draped and shaped on a living being, it had to be apparent that it was paper, but not because it looked shit.”

Here I am thinking in my head.. “I wish these pieces were real, because I’d wear them”. Enjoy.. xx


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  1. Heather George September 29, 2011 Reply

    OMG- I made a paper dress as a kid! Construction paper! It didn’t look as hot as this (I was 5) but I did make myself a princess crown, too!

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