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Rodeo Drive Fashion’s Night Out 90210

As you all know, yesterday was Fashion’s Night Out all over the world, and of course on the West Coast, Rodeo Drive FNO was the biggest celebration with the ferris wheel, food trucks and Cirque du Soliel.

Luxe Hotels on Rodeo Drive hosted us (media / bloggers). I spent the first half of the evening meeting and chatting it up with friends. We had cocktails and yummy finger food. The raspberry soup was out of this world.

I took some photos before it got too dark and packed. It was a fun night of good food, music, shopping and the kids had a great time running around.

Please enjoy the pictures below. xx




  1. Marisha Morris September 9, 2011 Reply

    Awesome pictures!  You definitely captured the nights buzz & electricity!!  So many amazing people, chatting and making new friends; admiration of fashion & creativity in everyone who came out from clothing style, window displays, and gourmet food trucks.  Last night on Rodeo Drive was AAH-MAZING!   …..  Very pleased to meet you!  Continued & greater success!  Congratulations on your nomination!  ………   Speak soon.  Ciao!

    • Style Pantry September 9, 2011 Reply

      Just added some more photos. Was experiencing upload errors..

  2. Cheris Courtney September 9, 2011 Reply

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Looks like a fun & fab night out.

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