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Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo for United Colors of Benetton

It really felt like I was watching soft porn, but without sound while I was writing up this post. Erik Ravelo, who is a Cuban artist at Fabrica, has collaborated with United Colors of Benetton.

He created these figurines in different sexual positions from the wool threads (in various colors) chosen from the tonalities of the Fall Winter collection currently available at your local Benetton store.

Here is Erik Ravelo’s description of his work below.

There is a common thread that unites us and it is stronger than anything else that might separate us; this is love. We are citizens of one planet, one humankind. As humans, it’s as if we need acts of war, natural disasters or other negative catastrophes to remind us of our mortality; we believe that this is not the best reminder. We believe that through art, we can remind ourselves of our potential as humans; we can remind ourselves of our love through sharing and our strength as one race. Art shows us the imagination and connection we share through different mediums. It has the power to captivate and uplift our spirits as it delivers the message.

I get it. But the moral of the story here is: Take mental notes. These sexual positions will get you places These photos are sure to give you inspiration on how to color block or match colors. Enjoy.. xo

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