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The Embroidered Faces by Maurizio Anzeri

Now, these embroidered vintage photographs are crazy amazing! Italian born artist Maurizio Anzeri is known for his series of eerie portraits and photo-sculptures (as he describes his work).

According to Yatzer, he has been working on this series of portraits for the past three years and is interested in everything a photograph represents.

He visits flea markets and collects photographs that are later transformed into pieces of art.

His portraits maintain the quality of a photograph but then start to become three-dimensional something that prompted him to invent the term: ”photo-sculpture”. It is this three-dimensional element, achieved through embroidery and the form of intervention it brings that transforms the portraits into photo-sculptures.

Maurizio Anzeri has been fortunate to work with creatives Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow. Not surprised. All three are geniuses. Enjoy.. xo



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