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God Save McQueen by Babette Pauthier

Since the death of Alexander McQueen, there has been a lot of tributes dedicated to his talent (rightfully so). The Savage Beauty of Alexander McQueen at the MET is a huge and successful exhibition.

Now, the ‘God Save McQueen’ project is just absolutely stunning. The fact that it is actually about celebrating McQueen’s life and amazing contribution to fashion and art, rather than dwelling on his demise, is stellar.

Kudos to Babette Pauthier, who is the director behind this project. You can see more of this and the rest of her work here.

PS- Must watch the short videos. Enjoy.. xo

thank u


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  1. Cheris Courtney June 30, 2011 Reply

    Wow! Love the feathered “not sure what to call it”, but I absolutely love it.

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