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The Body Shirt. Literally.

Though I’m a little confused and still trying to wrap my head around these shirts, or picture it on someone on the street, I can’t help but laugh.

I mean, it’s hilarious. In fact, the only person I can come up with (that will give this a “go”), is The Situation – The kid from the show Jersey Shore. Remember when we featured “The Situation” shirt here? Oh, you have to check it out.


Well, obviously they aren't "wearable" t-shirts, if they were real t-shirts we would have models wearing them just like when you look for other clothing online or magazines there are always a model displaying the outfit. Anyways, the art behind these "t-shirts" are really amazing. Good job!!! 

Style Pantry
Style Pantry

Cheris, like..seriously. *Blank stare* :)


  1. […] Am I the only one who’s amazed at real this shirt looks? Fortunately (or unfortunately) this shirt is NOT for sale. This “ideal” man and women t-shirt is actually an advertisement for Cintia Gym and Pub in Brazil. Their ideology is that their services can make people’s bodies look like the ones on the t-shirts. Interesting concept. But more importantly, if either of these shirts were for sale, would you cop one? Source […]