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The Josephine Baker School Is Stylish

I completely adore The Josephine Baker School in La Courneuve, France. It’s no news that I’m fascinated by architectural designs, interior shapes and colors.

This particular school was built on a trapezoid shaped plot of land. Love!!!

The nursery school classrooms are positioned to the east, on a floor cantilevered above the entrance, and the elementary school classrooms occupy areas to the west overlooking interstitial gardens. The older children’s playground merges into the area reserved for the younger children, which already contains the shared canteen, while the sports areas have been placed on the roof of the other block, which contains a shared library by both schools.

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Van Cooley
Van Cooley

GAH! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I can't stand it. The geometry, the color, the whimsy... what an inspiring place for children to learn and play. Especially drawn to the boxes that pop out of the building, with the color contrast in second photo.