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The Making of the Chanel 2.55 Bag

Came across the making of the infamous Chanel 2.55 bag on cyanatrendland and thought it was a good one to share with you all. A view of “The secrets of the Handbag“.

People often ask why CHANEL accessories never seem to age. It is because, having been influenced by the men in her life and even more by her own experience, Mademoiselle Chanel designed them to be practical and, except for a few decorative trimmings, always sensible. Above all, she was her own model: she imagined them, then wore them and finally added the finishing touches. Each detail was there for a reason. She endowed them with perfection and made them the emblem of luxury and elegance.

The secrets of the Handbag
Sat 7th / Sun 8th May. 10am – 6pm
Event at CHANEL Beverly Hills
400 North Rodeo Drive



  1. Rocquelle P. May 6, 2011 Reply


  2. Rocquelle P. May 6, 2011 Reply


  3. Cheris Courtney May 7, 2011 Reply

    Such a lovely bag! Thanks for sharing!

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