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Wrist Full of Metals

The idea behind this post was to research surf around the web for individuals, who like me, love to pile on the accessories. Especially on the wrist. As I was about to type “google.com”, I looked down on my keyboard and noticed tons of bracelets on both of my wrists.

I decided to save myself the time. All I had to do was look through my latest outfit posts to find what I was about to start searching.

If you have known me for years, you’d know that my daily looks HAS to have color(s) and tons of accessories. I may have picked it up from my mother (who wore accessories from her toes, ears, fingers to her nose).

Glad to see that it’s sort of a trend. Feel free to use the below pictures as inspiration. The collection on my left hand stays the same. I sleep, shower, and do everything with ‘em. They never come off. If a piece breaks, so be it. I add, never remove. Enjoy.. xo


You have an awesome blog!  I have been sharing your outfits with coworkers all day lol.  I have been looking for bracelets like the ones on your left wrist that you wear continuously.  Where can I find some that are similar?  Thanks!

k m
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I´ve met my match in the accessories department! I´m going to be a regular visitor. I wish you could see my hand right now. I have very similar accessoris.- My blog is new. Here it is.... http://mywardrobeonsale.blogspot.com/


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