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Designs of The White Street Loft

The White Street Loft in New York City is about as good as it gets. Personally, I think it’s really hard to find that right balance of utility, design, and spaciousness when filling out the large, empty space of a loft. Yes, it’s a quality problem to have, but most of the time I feel like people make the mistake of either making it too much like a museum or err on the other side and fill it with too much stuff.

WORK Architecture Company has done a wonderful job with this incredible 6,000 SF space. I absolutely love how the space has been broken up and divided into a variety of different “rooms”, while still keeping it open and accessible to the eye.

The most spectacular feature of the loft is the dinner room / showroom that has at its center, Japanese-style tables that can also be extended or recessed to serve as either a catwalk, dance floor or stage. Unreal.

Absolutely stunning work. Kudos to WORKac.