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Style & Fashion Interview: Ugo Mozie

I met up with Ugo at the Bossa Nova restaurant in West Hollywood. He was on time and showed up with his entourage. They all looked and dressed the part. Ugo in a sheer shirt and slim pants tucked into his boots. He ordered a glass of water, while I sipped on a glass of Chardonnay.

We ordered food, more folks joined, the interview started. Our table was a riot. We literally laughed out loud the entire time we were there. A fun night was had by all.  Get to know this young lad, Ugo, who was born in Nigeria but moved to the States when he was three. Currently a full-time student at St. Johns University, NY, like many of us, he has big dreams. Something tells me he is closer to his dream than he thinks. Enjoy..

Name: Ugo Mozie

Occupation: Fashion Artist

Single/Married: Single

What do you love about your city: Wow, the diversity. It’s incredible. Everyone is accepted and not judged by class. It’s a city where you can be comfortable being yourself.

Where are you from: Nigeria, but currently living in NYC

What inspires your style and how would you describe it: I will describe it as selfish. I am not inspired by anyone. My style is determined by how I’m feeling when getting ready.

Vintage or latest trend: A mixture of both

Style Icons (dead or alive): Grace Jones, James Dean and Karl Lagerfeld

How do people respond to your style: It was awkward at first, and I got strange stares, however, I think people are used to it now. It’s really about how you carry yourself. I’m confident and I think it shows

Favorite fashion quote: In other to be irreplaceable, one must be different -Coco Chanel

What are you into this season: Sheer, chiffon, capes, drapes & movements and definitely wide leg pants on the ladies.

Favorite piece in your wardrobe: A Margiela jacket. What makes them special? It’s embellished with snakeskin & fringe

What’s on your playlist: Dirty Money, Kelis, Theopholus London and Unique

Fashion is: A lifestyle

Tell us three random things about you: 1. I’m younger than the age I portray (20 years old); 2. I moved to NY alone right after high school (at the age of 17);  3. I am ghetto fab! (laughing).

Favorite store or brand: H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles. Jeffreys in New York

Random – What’s in your bag: iPad, change of clothes (full wardrobe), phone charger and teeth grills (he laughs).

How did you get into fashion: When I moved to NY in 2009, I started modeling. That was how I picked up an interest in fashion, so my friend Quinn Aston and I created a clothing line. I also worked as a stylist assistant. It was through assisting, going on jobs and networking I was able to build a clientele. I have since branched out on my own.

Styled by Ugo Mozie

What do you love about being a fashion artist: The responsibility I hold in a client’s career is empowering. As cliche as it may sound, I love bringing the client’s vision to life. I dig deeper than just the clothing. I research them. My focus is to bring out their beauty. I have to say, the end result is usually a dramatic change, while still trying to help them stay true to themselves.

Styled by Ugo Mozie

Whom/what magazine have you worked for: Editorials; Vibe, Nylon, Arise, Fab. | Celebrities: Teyana Taylor, Dirty Money, Diggy Simmons. To mention a few.

Styled by Ugo Mozie

How often do you travel for work: Once or twice a month

What inspires you: Africa!!! Africans, the environment, wild life. My travels, architecture, history – most especially ancient Egypt.

How can people reach you: Twitter – @UgoMozie | Web – http://www.ugomozie.com



  1. Cheris Courtney March 10, 2011 Reply

    Wow! What an impressive resume for 20. Nowhere but onwards & upwards for Ugo.
    Love look with the turban and the kilt/skirt(?).

  2. Nwune Ifeanyi May 24, 2011 Reply


  3. Joy November 3, 2011 Reply

    amazing style

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