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MANIA Magazine

A friend & fashion stylist interviewed and featured here last August, now has a huge, but fun project coming on the horizon. Mania Magazine out of Nigeria, West Africa.

I’m so stoked for him not only because I admire his work and creativity, but because he has collaborated with some really fantastic talents as well. Looking forward to the first issue.

The minds behind this beautiful work of art have taken a different direction in the way they tell peoples stories (no alias, no anonymities), the cover will prove beyond doubt our unquestionable strength to be different and daring. With Mania’s entrance into the market, we are not saying ‘this is how it is done’ instead, we are saying, ‘it can be done differently; edgier, fiercer, more daring and a lot more fun’.

Our desire at Mania is to appeal to a diverse group of people and lessen the stereotype that fashion and lifestyle magazines are for a discerning few. At Mania, we want to tell stories that touch people’s lives; we strive to teach people, the tiny, yet many tricks of being stylish, beautiful without breaking bank. We want to share our love for the arts and make every reader, not just a casual reader, but a Mania fan; we want Mania to appeal to different kinds of people and different parts of them.

The launch which comes up on Sunday February 20th of this year is proudly sponsored by some of the biggest international and Nigerian brands. Mania is grateful for the support it is receiving from its  headline sponsors like; Belvedere Vodka, the world’s first super premium  and luxury vodka, décor and events planning support is provided by  Victoria Green, media support by M-Net’s Studio 53 Extra and Photography  from veteran and accomplished photo studio, Kelechi Amadi-Obi Studios.



  1. Anonymous February 26, 2011 Reply

    It was an expensive and exhaustive decision. I am a solo practitioner in rural georgia, and am now much more in debt due to my opting out of the contract.

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