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Style Interview: Jessie of Jessie Adore

I love this lady. I love her so much. Her style is incredible and she lives in her own world with it ( a very good thing). Jessie of jessieadore.com is a joy to watch.

I admire her raw and unapologetic sense of style and I think you will too. Enjoy the interview below.. Get to know her, and don’t forget to bookmark her site. xo

Name Jessie Adore

Occupation Soon to be Architect

Single or Married Single

Where are you from Wiesbaden, Germany but currently living in NY

What do you love most about NY I love New York most for it’s diversity. It is such a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles. It’s also a place where people tend to discover who they are.

What inspires your style and how would you describe it My style is rather eclectic. It’s a bit of rebellious biker chick and a bit southern belle

Vintage or latest trend I am usually attracted to both in equal dosage. But vintage is more inspiring because of it’s lack of trend. It’s not something being forced on you by some corporation, or magazine or fashion entity and gives you a bit more creative license.

…although I guess the movement of buying/wearing vintage apparel is a trend in and of itself.

Any Style Icons (dead or alive) Certainly my grandmother. She was eons before her time and her fashion sense was evidence of that. She came from a place where clothing was solely utilitarian, and there weren’t influences such as media or magazines…there weren’t even tv’s. Most people made clothes or had clothes made by someone locally, but she took it upon herself to experiment and break traditional boundaries which lead to making ‘ensembles’ as opposed to mere ‘clothes’. She was a visionary

How do people respond to your style I guess positively…at least with the blog, and I only know that via comments and twitter love. I don’t pay attention to responses during my everyday life, but I’m sure I get get a crazy look or two

Favorite fashion quote Hmm…don’t think I have one. I was going to look one up, but then realized that wouldn’t be very genuine of me, lol. I will say that my brother Rog Walker (tumblr.rogwalker.com) always has a great quote coming from that brilliant brain of his.

What are you into this season Well firstly, I’m not into this season, lol. I know ‘hate’ is a strong word, so I’ll just say I ‘fervently despise’ cold weather. However, it allows for awesome lace up booties , wool tights and oversized cardigans which I seem to be very much into this season, given the collection I’ve amassed.

Favorite piece in your closet Favorite piece of all time is my vintage Chanel military coat. A recent favorite is an amazing Oscar de la Renta over coat.

Favorite designers Favorite designer of all time is Carolina Herrera, hands down. Love Oscar de la Renta too. In my fairy tale land, they’re my fashion grandparents.

Favorite stores or brands Levi’s, Levi’s and Levi’s. Oh, and Levi’s.

Random what’s in your purse I have a checklist I recite when walking out the door, “phone, wallet, keys”. Everything else is miscellaneous.
What’s on your playlist Lauryn Hill, Joe Budden, Florence and the Machine, Miguel, Wynter Gordon, Reakwon, Gypsy Flesh, J. Cole, Rocki Evans…we could go on forever.

Fashion is Whatever you say it is.

Favorite color/s Deep purple, apple green, burnt orange, magenta, turquoise  and jewel tones in general.

Your dream job Something that merges every creative aspect of myself. Still working on that…it’s looking like I’ll have to create it myself.

When and why did you start blogging I started blogging as an assignment in college. Encouragement from others is what pushed me to gear it towards fashion, music, art etc… And it somehow became what it has.

Who takes all of your pictures It’s typically me and my trusty dslr remote. Otherwise it’s my bro Rog or my homie/sister/most-amazing photographer-ever Sarah McColgan.

Tell us three random things about you (that we don’t know) I love pop-tarts. I’m addicted to chai lattes. I have an obsession with decorating my apartment. (the jury is still out on whether this is a healthy obsession or not.)

Site | Blog | Twitter rogwalker.tumblr.com ; JessieADORE.com ; jessieadore.tumblr.com ; Twitter.com/JessieADORE



  1. dede February 1, 2011 Reply

    love her style…being reading her blog for awhile now…great feature…hopefully one day i will be featured on here…love your style also

  2. StyleLust February 2, 2011 Reply

    I Love Jessie Adore! Great interview! I’ve been following you both for a while now. Stop by my blog some time!


  3. Chomy February 4, 2011 Reply

    (CHEERING)!!! YAY, Jesse is superduperfresh!!!!!!!
    glad to see her on here!! another great one SP!!!

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