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Tianjin Futuristic Eco-City / Arcology

You know we’re smitten with architecture here at Style Pantry, and the greener the plans, the better. As we move forward into this new millenium, green building is the buzz word in design, of all types and varieties.

We stumbled across this plan for a futuristic arcology (at Inhabitat), and were completely blown away by the innovation and ingenuity of this settlement proposed to be completed in Tianjan, China by 2020.

The city will host an estimated 350,000 people that will live, work, and recreate within the 30 square kilometer division, about 2 hours to the south east of Beijing.

Here’s part of the description at Inhabitat:

“Demonstrating the concept of a compact, multilayered city, the Urbanscape will be the core of the Eco-City, featuring stacked programs interconnected by sky-bridges at multiple levels to make efficient use of vertical space. In contrast to the Urbanscape, the Earthscape will act as a sort of suburb of the city, with stepped architecture that will maximize public green space. Last but not least, the Windscape will transform Qingtuozi, a century-old village surrounded by a small lake, into a venue for citizens to relax and recreate.”