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Winners – LindaLu Designs Leather Earrings

Here are the winners of the LindaLu Leather Earrings. Congratulations and a very Happy New Year to you and your family. Please send us an email with your addresses.

Also, give us a hint as to which pair you’d prefer. Thank you for participating.

Kiianah “The worse Christmas gift I ever got was a two-sided mirror an ex gave me. One side was a regular mirror and the other side was a magnifying mirror. He said it was so I could use it to pluck the little hairs out of my chin! Don’t laugh, I was upset for a good month!”

Curly Chic “The worst gift I ever received as a pink slip! I was laid off on Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!”

PS- If the winner(s) do not contact us within a week (7 days), we’ll select another winner.



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