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WINNER Of $500 Amex Gift Card Is..

VERNOICA MACEDO!!!!! Yay! Macedo won the “American Express Worst Purchase Regret” gift card and much more! It was really hard for us to narrow it down. And even after, it was more difficult to choose between the two top stories. But as an avid shopper and mother myself, i know how ridiculous it is to find a piece you love, buy it, imagine yourself in it and never able to fit in it due to weight from a pregnancy or having kids back to back.

We all know that the most time we have to return an item to a retailer is three months. Here’s Veronica’s purchase regret story. Short and to the point “My biggest purchase regret was buying a Sky dress that I had to have. I never got to wear it because I got pregnant a month later. And two kids later, it no longer fits. It’s still hanging up in my closet, tags and all.

The American Express Purchase Program would be perfect in this situation. Read & learn about how it works below:

What is Premium Return Protection? How does it work?

Premium Return Protection is a new protection service from American Express that gives shoppers up to 180 days to return popular items that retailers will no longer accept.  This means that American Express will refund the purchase price of the item including tax (up to $600) and return shipping up to $20 per item.  Another advantage of the service is that it can be used to cover restocking fees, which can be as much as 25 percent of the cost of an item.

The new service is available to all consumers for an annual price of $49.99 and will cover purchases made with any credit, debit or charge card from any financial services company as well as American Express prepaid cards.  That means if you paid for an item with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card – any credit, debit or charge card from someone other than American Express – you can enjoy the benefits of American Express with Premium Return Protection.

Premium Return Protection offers expanded return coverage on most retail purchase categories, including jewelry and electronics, as well as for new categories like watches, books, formal wear and DVDs.

Up to what dollar amount is covered for returns?  How long do consumers have to make a return?

Shoppers are covered for purchases made on any card up to $600 per item (up to $2,500 per year).

Shoppers have up to 180 days from the date of purchase to return an item to American Express.   This is six times as long as an average retailers return policy.

Items must be in “like new” condition and in working order to receive coverage. Items must be purchased in the United States from a retailer in the United States to be eligible on a credit, debit, charge or American Express Pre–paid card in the enrollee’s name.

If a retailer’s policy is to only give store credit or exchange an item can a person use PRP to get a refund instead?

Yes.  Premium Return Protection can be used to refund items when retailers are only willing to exchange an item or provide store credit.  The consumer must try to return the item to the store first.   Before using PRP to return the item it’s important that the merchant’s time period for accepting returns has expired.  It’s also important to note that store credits are considered a refund, making a purchase using store credits ineligible for Premium Return Protection.



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    Congrats the the lucky winner!!! Very cool:)

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