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Style Interview: Chomy of Culture Cynic

Chomy of CultureCynic has an incredible sense of style. I love the way she plays with colors, rocks baggy pants without a care in the world and gosh, her vintage blazers???!!! I want them all. She certainly has the best collection I have seen thus far. Do get to know her. Enjoy the interview below.

Name: Chioma (Chomy) Amaryllis

Occupation: PR/Image Consultant

Single or Married: Single but unavailable

Where are you from: I am Nigerian currently located on the East Coast, USA.

What inspires your style and how would you describe it:
My style is a ‘mish mash’ of everything and nothing. the contents of my closets inspire me mostly, i like to mix and match things to see what i can come up with it. i also get inspired by creativity in people and all around me. my personal style has a bit of everything to be nondescript yet it has enough of that ‘me’ factor to make sense. it is all over the place.

Vintage or latest trend: I prefer vintage, i have a love for all things old. Could be by decades or just seasons, doesn’t have to be vintage but the ‘less now’ it is , the more inclined i am to gravitate toward it.

Any Style Icons (dead or alive) : I don’t have celebrity ‘style icons’, i have much more respect for individuals who are doing their own thing style-wise. Quite a few of my blogger friends are icons in their own rights. Folake K (you may have heard of her:) gets mad respect from me time and time again.

How do people respond to your style: It varies, some people don’t get it and those that do get it don’t always get it. i removed ‘people’ from the decision process a long time ago, it really just boils down to how confident i feel in what i am wearing. if people happen to like it , that is just a bonus.

What are you into this season: Fall/Winter means more time for my baggy trousers to get ‘un retired’; they are  definitely enjoying their run this season.

Favorite piece in your closet: I try not to pick sides with them lest they get angry and conspire against my body to make nothing fit 🙂 but i really  do love my scarves, every single one has the potential to be re-purposed into an impromptu skirt or top or dress.

Favorite designers: I don’t actually have a ‘one’, it is really about what they are delivering than anything else.  when it comes to Fashion, i am too flighty for a full commitment.

Favorite stores or brands: Online shopping is my thing!  it is bad, i know it but i refuse to get help:) i love flea markets/secondhand/vintage shops and the ‘high street’ brands well. anywhere there is quality bargain or something to be had gets the high mark from me.

Why did you start a fashion blog: I actually don’t consider my little blog a ‘fashion blog’ it is more of a life style blog  that covers everything from what i am wearing to my thoughts on live issues.

Fashion is: Fashion is a message; style is how you deliver that message.

You advocate individualism. What does it mean to you: Individualism to me is about freedom. It is about having a voice and owning it. It is the ‘you’ factor that makes you stand out without effort.

Favorite color/s: Oh dear! Can i just claim all the really bright ones and black also? I can’t pick just one please don’t make me choose lol.

Your dream job: Anything that lets me be creative and requires strategic thinking. My area is Brand Management and PR so as long as i am doing things within that sector i will be fine.

Skinny | Bell bottoms | Boyfriend | Pegged pants: Oversized and highwaist.

Round toe | Square toe | pointy toe shoes: Never a square toe but i will do a good round or pointy toe depending on what i am wearing at the time.

Who takes all of your pictures: My lover when he is around or the self timer on my camera.

Site | Blog | Twitter: http://culturecynic.blogspot.com

Cheris Courtney
Cheris Courtney

Great interview! I enjoyed reading it and looking at her interpretation for style. Very nice. I love it when people unapologetically follow their own sense of fashion and do what makes them happy. Love it when folks embrace their individuality. Its always a beautiful thing. Loves it! And certainly lovin' that sequined dress in the last pic! I'm needing that for New Year's Eve.

Sarah Jane R.
Sarah Jane R.

Amazing interview! I have been a fan of Chomy for some time now, Her philosophy on style really helped me to just be free with my own looks :)


such a great interview! chomy is too lovely for words!

natural belle
natural belle

lovely style! always admired chomy! love how your highlighting bloggers that think outside the "fashion blogger" box!


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