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Lamborghini LM002 – ‘Rambo Lambo’

One of the nice things about living in LA: there’s no shortage of noteworthy rides lining the curbs. I stumbled upon this interesting beast earlier today walking around the block. I hadn’t seen one of these rare Lamborghini SUVs in years, and actually, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen one in person.

I can very safely say that this will be the only time we’ll feature a car that Muammar al-Gaddafi ordered 100 of for use in Libya’s military. Affectionately dubbed the “Rambo Lambo”, this stout military-civilian dual purpose SUV was on the market from 1986-1993.

Considering that only 301 were made, we’ll assume that the 100 al-Gaddafi ordered (and all other military version) were not included in that total. That limited run would explain why a couple of years ago, one of these bad boys sold on eBay for $105k. Go check the post on Jalopnik; there are some great photos in there that I couldn’t take on the street.

It was an impressive ride for sure, built for the desert heat and loved by Saudi sheiks because of its combination of ruggedness and luxury. The accoutrements are befitting to the Lamborghini name, and even 17 years old, this car could’ve passed for a modern iteration. Kudos to the caretaker, for sure.

Enjoy the pics!


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