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WIN $500 Pre-Paid Amex Gift Card

In celebration of the newest Premium Return Protection service, American Express has tasked Style Pantry with coming up with the worst purchase regret. In addition, readers are asked to share their biggest purchase regret story for a chance to win a $500 pre-paid Amex Gift Card AND a YEAR’S subscription to the Premium Return Protection (yes – if you regret what you buy with that $500 it WILL be covered).

I know you have purchased an item or two before and regretted not being able to return it for one odd reason or the other. It’s a final sale, you can’t find your receipt, it has passed the allocated 30 days of return grace.. whatever it may be. I know I have been it that situation too many times to mention. In fact, my latest regret is these pair of fab looking Jimmy Choo boho style boots. I love the way the look, however, by the time I decided to wear them (2 months after purchase), I lost a bunch of the feathers that came with it. In addition, you see the weave along the ankle, it hurts my feet after only a few minutes of wearing them. No bashing on JC here because I loooove these boots, but we all know how pricey there shoes are, right? Well, here is where the American Express Premium Return Protection Program comes in. Pics of the boots below:

American Express Premium Return Protection Service. It’s a genius new service that you can sign up for (no Amex card needed!) This service protects you from purchase regrets, giving consumers up to 180 days.. SIX MONTHS to return items that stores refuse.

Here are some of the perks:

  • Longer return time: Premium Return Protection Refund requests can be made up to 180 days from the date of purchase.
  • Free shipping: American Express will cover the cost of return shipping and handling charges – up to $20 for each claim and up to $100 a year in addition to your coverage.
  • Premiere Protection: You’re covered for up to $600 per eligible purchase (tax included) and up to $2,500 a year for all items.…and lots more!


All you have to do is share your biggest purchase regret with American Express & Style Pantry, by leaving a comment below.

It’s that simple. Spread the word. The more stories shared, the better. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook, but know, you are NOT required to be a fan or follower to participate, but we’d love it if you joined us.

I will be reading each and every story thoroughly, and will pick a winner a week from today. Remember, the lucky winner gets a $500 pre-paid American Express gift card and a year subscription to their new Premium Return Protection service! What’s not to love?!

Contest is only open to US & Canada.



  1. terysa December 8, 2010 Reply

    Hmm…I would definitely have to say a beautiful pair of Mui Mui kitten heels back in 2003 (aprox. 200-250). They were absolutely gorgeous and the only pair left were a size smaller than I normally wear, but I LOVED them so much that I bought them anyway with hopes of getting them professionally streched. Well, I ended up wanting to wear them before I got them stretched and they hurt like HELL, but were still very soooo cute – I started wearing them more and more, blisters and all!!! The rhinestoned flower embellishments fell off of one of the shoes, I had to superglue them back on everytime I wore them, but I didn’t care until the actual rhinestones started falling off of the flower embellishment. I guess that’s what happens when you put a big foot in a little shoe, right 🙂

    About 3 years ago I found a pair on ebay, IN MY SIZE and half the price!! I scooped them up so fast. Months later the same thing happened, embellishment falling off, rhinestones falling out. I would have to say as much as I loved both pairs of these pairs of shoes, it wasn’t worth the time invested in fixing those bad boys.

    Hope you’re having an awesome day!

  2. Anonymous December 8, 2010 Reply

    Hmmmm…where will I start from..Uncountable purchase regrets but I would say a pair of shoes I bought when I was went to London on vacation. By the time I decided to wear it, which was much later, I discovered I had two left feet. Obviously, I had no way of returning it or even getting my money back and apart from that, i had a pair of shoes that cost me an arm and a leg that I couldn’t wear. Triple regret I must say.

    Being a shoe addict, it hurt me more than I could express at that time, but like an addict would do, I compensated myself with another pair…Teehee

    Have an awesome day

  3. Fernando December 8, 2010 Reply

    One time I bought a plastic sculpture of a sexy anime toy lady. Anti-gravity breasts, space armor, you know the deal. Mucho embarrasado.

  4. Trudy Teague December 8, 2010 Reply

    My irobot Scooba. I just HAD to have the darn thing- but have barely used it. It’s a hassle and doesn’t really fit in our kitchen. And here I thought it would be a time-saver!!!! At any rate, by the time I realized it was not at all useful to me (and some $200+ later), it was far too late to return it. Now it serves as a decoration in our living room! (an ugly one, at that!)

  5. Anonymous December 8, 2010 Reply

    I bought a very expensive floor length black Calvin Klein dress. Wore it to a gallery opening where I worked – they sent me out on a run to get more wine. People were hooting and hollering as I walked down the street and I looked down to see that in the daylight – it was COMPLETELY SHEER! I was basically walking down the street in a thong. The store wouldn’t take it back since I cut the tags off.

  6. Ben Detofsky December 8, 2010 Reply

    10 sets of mini bocce from http://playboccini.com/. No idea what to do with them.

  7. Trudy Teague December 8, 2010 Reply

    Here’s another… our Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller… another “had to have”. I really thought I needed a nice big double stroller to take walks with my baby (at the time) and toddler. $600+/- later, it was all mine! And got used less than 20 times. It was huge, a horrible hassle and just not worth the time/ effort. Plus I quit my neighborhood walks shortly after purchase and started running again. Once again, too late to return it by the time I realized what a mistake I had made. Sold it on Craig’s List a year later for about half of what I paid.

    I could probably keep going all day. I’m sure my husband could add many more “purchase mistakes” to my list! (he thinks everything I purchase is unnecessary!)

  8. Laurie Masson December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret was not so much an item as it was a vacation! I was twenty, and my friends offered me a spot on their trip to Las Vegas for about $550, which from NY is great. What they failed to mention was that in addition to being the ONLY under age one there (which I was ok with), I would also be one of the only SINGLE people there! I spent over $1,000 (after shopping, etc.) to be absolutely bored to tears on a couple’s vacation with my ONE single friend who spent the entire time pining after his best friend’s girlfriend. And because he was a guy and we were immediately paired together, he also doubled as an unwanted body guard keeping me from meeting any guys on my trip. Worst vacation EVER, and definitely a lesson learned!

  9. Mandie Blaze December 8, 2010 Reply

    Coral lipstick…need I say more?

  10. Veronica Macedo December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret was buying a Sky dress that I had to have. I never got to wear it because I got pregnant a month later. And two kids later, it no longer fits. It’s still hanging up in my closet, tags and all.

  11. Carolyn Barnett December 8, 2010 Reply

    @AmericanExpress http://bit.ly/fKLIwv GO! #amexgiftcard used laptop that did not work!!

  12. Sam W December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret was a case of rare action figures. I thought I could resell them for more than I paid, but that didn’t work out, so now they just take up room in my closet.

  13. Bob Earl December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret was a stationary bicycle. I needed the exercise, but between the seat feeling like it was formed from rough concrete and the resistance feature needing repeated adjustment just to stay close to constant, I soon ended up giving it away.

  14. Trudy Teague December 8, 2010 Reply

    Here’s a Christmas present regret– bought my kids Play-dough and Moon Sand kits last year for Christmas. I won’t be making the same mistake this year. Of course, Play-dough and Moon Sand don’t really want the stuff back after it’s been mashed all over the floor and tables and mixed in with food crumbs….

  15. Tedd Huff December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret was the first Valentines day my wife and I spent together. I had been looking at an item for some time and decided to purchase it the week of Valentines day. They called and told me that this item was available for pick up on Valentines day. Being so so excited I rushed home to show my then fiancée, now wife, what I had just picked up. Excitement quickly turned to regret when she hands me a beautifully wrapped gift with a frown. It was the same gift I had just purchased. Thankfully she did not hold it against me and we have been married for 6yrs

  16. Mike G December 8, 2010 Reply

    I can barely write legibly, let alone draw, so I was even surprised when I spent over $100 on a Wacom Pen Tablet. Everyone told me it was a ridiculous purchase, but for some reason at the time I disagreed. “I could get SO MUCH use out of this!” I naively thought. Well, when it arrived in the mail I hooked it up, opened a graphics editing program, and had a blast making a few doodles.

    After the first 10 minutes, the thrill was wearing off as I quickly realized a major point about my life: I am not a graphics designer, nor am I employed in any field that would make this product useful to me. Combine this with the fact I mentioned above of my inability to wield a writing device, and I came to the conclusion that I just basically bought a VERY expensive pack of crayons.

    It wasn’t until just after the return date past that my foolish pride dissipated and I was able to fully regret the purchase.

  17. Loretta H December 8, 2010 Reply

    I bought a pair of tall boots from gilt.com and before I wore them, I took them to get the calves stretched and rubber soles added since they were still quite expensive. After spending an additional $80 I finally wore them and the zippers on both boots(!) broke after 3 wears. Claiming they offer online sample sales gilt wouldn’t take them back. So the boots I thought I got for a “steal” turned out to be no bargain at all.

  18. Erin H December 8, 2010 Reply

    I would say a foot soaker for my tired tootsies. It was a pain to use and the water always seemed to be everywhere by the time I was done.

  19. Anonymous December 8, 2010 Reply

    One of my many regret purchases is from Christmas 2 years ago. I decided to treat a girlfriend’s parents to a nice steak dinner so I ordered nice cuts of Trump Steaks online to be directly shipped to them ahead of me meeting them for the first time. My girlfriend and I go to steakhouses a lot so I figured her parents must be big on steaks too. Also, my girlfriend keeps telling me stories on how her parents are avid fans of The Apprentice so having the steaks from Trump I thought was a nice touch. At $300 I hoped these steaks better make a damn good impression!

    Just before my flight to Boston, I got a call from my girlfriend explaining how her folks are staunchly vegan and how she’s working to appease them. Apparently they didn’t receive the steaks too fondly. The steaks ended up in the trash and I had to make emergency reservations to the most upscale vegan restaurant in the city because no other places had availability that evening.

  20. Don K December 8, 2010 Reply

    I regret buying my $500 car in college. It broke down all the time, and I spent so much more keeping it going. I did use it a lot, though. Never mind, I don’t regret it! =)

  21. MCJunkie December 8, 2010 Reply

    For the longest time ever I regretted buying a Hoover Steam Vac because it sat in my closet. I didn’t know how to use it. I first tried to use it when I did purchase it but from the Hoover water would lay on my carpet and the machine would not suck it back up so I gave up on it. a guy friend came over after 3 years of it being left in my closet and I mentioned something about the Hoover and he looked it over for me. I guess there was a rubber part missing and this was brand new. He went and got a little rubber seal and added it to it and it worked like a charm. He showed me how to use it. @MCJunkie on Twitter

  22. Rosanne Morrison December 8, 2010 Reply

    Biggest purchase regret would be all the exercise equipment I’ve bought over the years-a stepper, a bicycle, etc. I always seem to wind up trying to sell them later and I still look the same!

  23. atlantagalknows December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret is from my very first prom. Oh, boy. I was so, so excited to be a freshman and invited to the prom. But it was last-minute so when my mom and I went to the mall to search for “THE” dress, we were left staring at rack after rack of dresses that had been mauled by previous shoppers and left looking a mess. Aside from the poor selection to begin with, I hadn’t ever been to a real dance before, either, so I had no clue what to look for, what looked good on me or what was appropriate. (And my mom was no help, either!) So I ended up picking out a short red dress that was sparkly and with a sweetheart neckline that only emphasized my lack of bust. I made the grave mistake of wearing hose (!) and some chunky black velvet heels. Of course my date was kind and I enjoyed my time, but I still cannot look back on those photos without cringing. What was I thinking?!?!

  24. Rosanne Morrison December 8, 2010 Reply

    Biggest purchase regret would be all the exercise equipment I’ve bought over the years-a stepper, a bicycle, etc. I always seem to wind up trying to sell them later and I still look the same!

  25. Rosanne Morrison December 8, 2010 Reply

    Follow on Twitter-rosannepm and shared on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StylePantrycom?v=info#!/profile.php?id=1535228511

  26. Anonymous December 8, 2010 Reply

    I regret purchasing a painting I had made for a guy I was dating for 3 months..because I was so thoughtful I had a painting made from a picture of himself as a child that he LOVED..well the day before I was to give him the painting for his Bday he broke up with me!!! Because Im a lady I still gave him the picture….JERK! lol

  27. Anonymous December 8, 2010 Reply

    I regret purchasing a painting I had made for a guy I was dating for 3 months..because I was so thoughtful I had a painting made from a picture of himself as a child that he LOVED..well the day before I was to give him the painting for his Bday he broke up with me!!! Because Im a lady I still gave him the picture….JERK! lol

  28. Pauline Boenisch December 8, 2010 Reply

    I haven’t really ever made a HUGE purchase that I’ve regret, but I also seem to buy things all the time that I don’t need ($100 here, $200 here). I bought a hair straightener at a convention for $350. I bought it from one of those obnoxious people chasing after you begging to straighten your hair. So I sat down, let the woman curl my hair (Which I’ve never been able to do because my hair is so flat), and sold me. I later found out I totally got scammed, because I saw the SAME EXACT straightener for $60 elsewhere. Regret, yes, scammed yes, but it does curl my hair pretty nicely. I learned my lesson!

    • Style Pantry December 10, 2010 Reply

      Hhahahaahaha. Hey, at least you are loving your curls, right? But yes, that’s a lot to spend on a curling iron.

  29. Cheris Courtney December 8, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret is totally paying for a car upfront. Years ago, I experienced a windfall and decided to purchase a luxury Ford Explorer. Paid for it in full. Don’t get me wrong. I had few issues with the vehicle but in hindsight, I could’ve made better use of the near $40,000 I spent on it by investing in a business or something that would’ve generating continous revenue.

    • Style Pantry December 10, 2010 Reply

      WOW! 40k on a car up front? Totally agree with you, could have been invested in a profitable business. Yikes.

  30. Anonymous December 9, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regret so far is the TV. I should have waited and get flat screen, sigh.

  31. Kate Zaka December 9, 2010 Reply

    my worst purchase , would be a series of expensive mistakes. ha, ha, ha. everytime ive purchased a bike someone has stolen it, and i cant seem to learn my lesson. hm what is it now, four times? three BMX bikes and one lowrider. cheapest one being $200+ custom parts. so much for trying not to drive everywhere ;

    • Style Pantry December 10, 2010 Reply

      Oh, we’ve have had bikes stolen from us like that two, so I feel your pain.

  32. SC Flier December 9, 2010 Reply

    I did some Christmas shopping on a trip to Spain and found a very unique clock for my brother. After I got it back to the States, I discovered that it was so inaccurate that it lost about an hour a day! No way to take it back at that point.

  33. Anonymous December 9, 2010 Reply

    Oh gosh! I probably have a million stories like this since I am an impulse shopper! If I had to pick one it would be a pair of over-the-knee-boots I bought last year. Not that I don’t love the boots, because I do but I found another pair that I loved MORE and they cost $100 less. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my damn receipt and I had no need for two pairs of black leather over-the-knee boots. ugh! So I kept the 2nd favorites since I couldn’t take them back. Boohoo 🙁

  34. Jillian December 9, 2010 Reply

    My biggest regret wasn’t really a purchase, it was a haircut. My fiance and I drove out into the city for haircuts at this hair salon that had great reviews! On the way there we got into a car accident, and then when we finally made it to our hair appointments after dealing with the car accident we got the worst haircuts either one of us has ever received! Even worse than that was the haircuts were $60 each. It was terrible! Oh and that $60 haircut turned into over $2000 in car repairs, because the guy that hit us got away with not paying!!! Needless to say we never returned to that dreadful place again!!

    • Style Pantry December 10, 2010 Reply

      Wow! Crazy. Well, I’m glad you two are OK (the most important).

      • Jillian December 22, 2010

        Thank you! It definitely wasn’t a good experience! But every experience in life can only make you stronger!

  35. ShandaM December 11, 2010 Reply

    My biggest shopping regret was buying a Quantex desktop computer a few years ago. Eventhough it was a little known brand, I decided to take a chance cause of the savings. Yeah, yeah I know, smh. Well it had all the bells and whistles and I was happy for a short while. Six months later it was a goner! One day, it started making a strange noise and the next day it was in computer heaven, well hell for this brand, ugh! Never will I buy a high-end item based on price alone; thought I was getting a good deal, but sometimes the old saying is absolutely true: You get what you pay for!

  36. Fourth Eye Photographics December 11, 2010 Reply

    There have been jackets (broad shoulders), uncomfortable shoes (large feet), jewelry (impulse buy) and other smaller items I wish I could have returned in my life but I always figured, hey thats the price of fashion–u win some, u loose some. However when I bought my first professional camera on eBay from a buyer with great deals and glowing reviews I was stoked to be able to afford something that would bring lots of profits to me as well as guaranteed quality (Im a Canon girl) and discovered that I would be able to buy some accessories that did not come with the camera (not Canon brand), at a deal through the same buyer. What could be better right?

    I received all items: camera body, telephoto lens, zoom lens, camera travel case, tripod with carrying bag, flash diffuser, screen protectors, flash card adapter, flash card carrying case and plenty of tools for cleaning the lenses and the interior glass. I was set and happy and started finding things to do with all items. When the screen protectors were not transparent enough, needed cutting and bubbled even when pressed flat to the point where I couldnt see my recorded images unless I removed it, I did just that and didnt take that as a bad sign…yet. Figured they were cheap. But a month in when I am filming the seasons first full moon and my tripod just comes out the column because it was broken, that was MY breaking point. Then I discovered the flash diffuser more often than not stopped the flash from operating at all, my long lens begins to fall out of my bag toward the ground just as my client warns me because the sides of the travel bag collapse to any weight and the flashcard carrying case was just as elusive as the card itself where it could also be misplaced. Then when I was uploading images and the flash drive adapter is on fire without my knowledge with a big burn mark making its way toward the card when I saw smoke, I was through. In my estimation the whole kit was absolutely worthless. I woudlve easily returned that kit at the tripod tragedy, had I been able. Not too bad I guess. I still have the Canon camera and the lens cleaners 😉

  37. Jessica Castor December 11, 2010 Reply

    I bought my first label Dior. I was only 18 years old and bought it online. Thinking that my size was true to match . I received it a couple of days and decided to wear it to a party.Since, my friend was invited to fancy cocktail party. Mind you now, With Dior dresses (at the time ) my dress was full of lace and it was short . i was completely unaware of the type of party i was attending with my friend . It was a Gala for teenage prostitution . I was stared at the whole night. i Felt like a high class whore.

  38. Jessica Castor December 11, 2010 Reply

    I bought my first label Dior. I was only 18 years old and bought it online. Thinking that my size was true to match . I received it a couple of days and decided to wear it to a party.Since, my friend was invited to fancy cocktail party. Mind you now, With Dior dresses (at the time ) my dress was full of lace and it was short . i was completely unaware of the type of party i was attending with my friend . It was a Gala for teenage prostitution . I was stared at the whole night. i Felt like a high class whore.

  39. snappers December 11, 2010 Reply

    Biggest regret was an electric generator. During one really bad series of storms years ago, our power went out. In the dark, we phoned many stores to see if they had any generators left (our area had been hit HARD). We finally found one store with some so we quick drove 40 mins. to get there before closing. Price of it was over $500. We got it home and try as we might, we couldn’t get it started. After awhile, though, the power came back on and we gave up on the generator temporarily. A few days later, we tested it out and got it to come on, only it wouldn’t stop revving (which means power surges and therefore you shouldn’t plug anything into it).

    We took it back to the store and they said they would NOT take it back because it was purchased during a storm and therefore assume it had been used. We said A) we WANT a generator, but one that works and B) there were NO signs in the store at time of purchase indicating such a return policy. They only relented enough to “swap” the generator for an identical one. Since we thought we just maybe got a “bad egg”, we were fine with that. Only they didn’t have any more in stock. We waited about 2 months for them to get another in. Turns out, it wasn’t just ONE “bad egg”…this entire model of generator just had problems. By this time, the store now refused to do anything for us because so much time had passed from original time of purchase. I called the manufacturer of the generator to see if I could get instructions on “tinkering” with it myself (I’m a somewhat handy guy). Well, guess what? The generator division of this manufacturer ( a LARGE company you would all recognize) had now gone bankrupt and was no longer around. Ugh. Over the next several years, our power has gone out every single summer. Last summer it was out for over FOUR days and it was 90+ outside. All the while, this brand spankin’ new, never been used, generator sits in my garage just sneering at me.

  40. Jeremy Bonios December 13, 2010 Reply

    My biggest purchase regrets also happens to also be one of my favorite purchases.

    An expensive bed, with awkward dimensions, that doesn’t fit any frame correctly, and that is impossible to find matching fitted sheets for.

    My back used to kill me [still does much of the time, but that an entirely different story]. I good friend of my owned a Tempur-Pedic bed, which he swore by, and recommend that I purchase one as well. I was very hesitant, because of the cost [around $1,800], but it was highly recommend, and was guaranteed to last a lifetime [or 20 years, I don’t exactly remember].

    Anyway, in discussing the best bed for my needs, my friend suggested that get size called a “Double Long” I don’t remember his exact rational, but he was pretty specific – “Double Long.”

    A double long Tempur-Pedic is essentially full/double bed which is 54″ wide by 80″ long, rather 75″ long.

    The bed was delivered and I placed it on a custom made loft that I had in a small bachelor in Venice, CA. I loved the comfort of the matters but couldn’t find fitted sheets anywhere that matched these dimensions. Not a big deal… I purchased queen sized and tucked.

    Moved from Venice, got a regular-sized apartment, and with it a real frame for my bed. Unfortunately, once again the dimensions because an issue. UNABLE to find a matching frame. Thanks a lot friend. My solution was to buy a queen frame [60″ × 80″] and have a 3″ gab on both sides of the mattress.

    When the comforter drapes over the matters and the frame, our two cats, dog, and 20 month old child all fall into the gap. Its driving my wife nuts, and in turn me nuts…

    I contacted Tempur-Pedic to see if they would sell me either one 6″ by 80″ strip of memory foam, or 2 3″ by 80″ strips, possibly scraps they had and/or could fabricate. Basically, the only way they could accommodate me would be for me to purchase another double long which they could they cut and throw away the rest. No thanks.

    I thought this was a once in a lifetime [or at least 20 year purchase]. Instead, just a short 5 or so years after this purchase, I’m considering purchasing another matters and ditching my $1,800 investment.

    BTW – it really is a quality bed. I swear by memory foam mattresses.

  41. JC December 13, 2010 Reply

    The year was 1995. I was excited to visit Korea and my mother’s side of the family for the first time. I had purchased a few J. Crew shirts to take with me, and the package arrived as I was on my way to the car to leave for the airport. I only had time to unwrap them and shove them in my suitcase. About 20 hours later, I arrived in Seoul, South Korea. I fell in love with… OK OK, back to the failed purchase. A few weeks into my trip (of 3 months), I opened up one of the J.Crew shirts, only to find a hole in it. I opened another… hole. I opened the third one, and it had a hole in it, too. Here I am on the other side of the world with defective garments. On top of that, I called home only to learn the receipts had been thrown away. And now to make a long story very, very short… When I returned home 3 months later, the shirts were then a part of a seasonal clearance sale, so with no receipt, I was looking at maybe a 20% return of the full purchase price. That is a regretful purchase that traveled all of the way around the world. *bow*

  42. Anonymous December 13, 2010 Reply

    My biggest regret is spending $2000 on a plane ticket on Thanksgiving weekend. Our flight was delayed due to inclement weather on the outbound and the inbound flights. I had to spend an extra night in our layover city in Ohio on the way back, and the airline did not compensate us:( At least if our flight was delayed in NYC, we could have spent an extra night with our friends and family–but no! We our plane stopped in the connecting city of Cleveland, which I will not disparage, but we didn’t know anyone, nor were we familair with the city. We spent the evening in our hotel room watching movies and eating take out.
    The airport itself was a nightmare. Long lines, pushy passengers, screaming kids, frazzled airport workers, grumpy flight attendants.
    My DH and I promised ourselves that we would never fly again on Thanksgiving again! From now on we are visiting on the off season. Not only would we have saved a lot of money, we also would have saved the headache. We learned our lesson!

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  43. Justyna December 14, 2010 Reply

    I bought a Chloe dress that still sadly hangs in my closet, yet to be worn!

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