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Style Interview: Shannon, Dirty Hair Halo

I got a chance to interview Shannon of Seeking Dirty Hair Halo. I love her. I call her my soul style sister. She is fearless and daring. She is urban and boho. Vintage and thrifty. Feminine with a touch of masculine. Read on and get to know her..
Name: Shannon Licari, soon to be Shannon Walling, once I get off my butt and start legally changing to my married name.
Occupation: Mortgage Consultant
Single or Married: Newlywed, as of September 25th!
Where are you from?
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Minneapolis for college when I was 18. Here, I fell in love with my husband, my best friend and the city, and therefore I’m not leaving anytime soon
What inspires your style and how would you describe it – Who are your style icons?
I pull the most inspiration from other style bloggers. Lately, I’m taking cues from bloggers that seem to have mastered the art of mixing in some way or another. I’ve listed my top 4 inspirations along with my reasons:
– WhereDidUGetThat- Karen is both bohemian and grungey, masculine and feminine. Her style is artfully contradictive and I find that clever.
– HawaiiKidd (Chictopia)- Tevis challenges his masculinity with feminine touches like over-the-knee socks, cutoff shorts and dusters. He has guts.
– The Glamourai- Kelly is an endlessly chic pattern mixologist with great taste in huge statement jewelry pieces.
– Karla’s Closet- Karla achieves a classic look using funky pieces, and always wears killer heels.
I’m not sure I have a specific style, but what I do know is I like the clothes I’m wearing together to challenge each other into creating new meanings fro themselves. Does that make sense? For example, combat boots are aggressive and tie-dye represents hippies… mix the two together and whatdya get? An indiscernible style.

How do people respond to your style?
I’m not sure. I don’t pay much attention to how the people around me might be reacting to my clothes because I feel confident in what I’m wearing. I get a lot of compliments, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some snickered behind my back. The bottom line is I’m letting myself be Me regardless of how others react.
What are you into this season?
I’m into skinny pants with outstanding details because it’s getting colder.  My leather skinny pants have just the right toughness that they seem to go with everything, and I just ordered a pair of khaki motocross-style pants and a pair of skinny tie-dyeish pants from ASOS.
Do you have a favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
I have three(for the time being): my thrifted patchwork faux fur coat, my Forever 21 white feather dreamcatcher necklace and my army green Steve Madden combat boots.
What’s a perfect day for you?
Sleeping in, brewing hazelnut-flavored Dunkin Donuts coffee at home and adding heavy amounts of cream, getting my exercise out of the way early, cuddling with my husband, not showering until the afternoon, happy hour with my hubby/friends in the best outfit ever, a green salad, and laughter to the point of tears.

Favorite Designers?
I don’t pay attention to designers or labels, nor am I driven by them. However, I’m dying for a pair of Seven For All Mankind “Rachel” Bellbottoms.
Favorite Stores?
I thrift shop locally at Buffalo Exchange and Everyday People Clothing Exchange in Minneapolis. I’m attracted to the low prices at Forever 21 and H&M, and online I’m attracted to ASOS and TopShop.
Fashion is?
My Art.
Favorite Colors?
The last track/album you listened to before this interview?
Radiohead- Hail to the Thief.

Your dream job?
Editorial Stylist.

Into trends or can’t be bothered?
I love trends. Why not play?

Who takes all off your pictures for Dirty Hair Halo?
I self photograph and edit my pictures using my Nikon D3000, tripod and remote shutter release. I use online editing programs like pixlr.com/editor and picnik.com
Be sure to add Seeking Dirty Hair Halo to your list of daily reads. Bookmark her site. She finds the best pieces and lets you in on her secret. Shannon, thank you for the opportunity to interview you. Keep up the good work of inspiring us with your art. xo


  1. Dirty Hair Halo November 22, 2010 Reply

    Thank you so much for this!!! XO

  2. Justyna November 22, 2010 Reply

    she’s so lovely! great interview too!

  3. chomy November 23, 2010 Reply

    she has such great style!

  4. Liv November 27, 2010 Reply

    Great interview, she’s awesome!

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