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Style Interview: Gina of Natural Belle

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gina aka Natural Belle of Hairspiration Blogspot. She is one of the nicest bloggers in the blog world. She is quick to be supportive. Gina was among the very first people who not only welcomed me, but also featured/interviewed me when I stopped blogging anonymously and started featuring my daily outfits. She has been a constant supporter ever since. What I admire most about her, however, is her confidence. An attribute every young lady should definitely learn. I also couldn’t resist her style. She’s got it going on. The below pics are just a little taste of it. You should follow her on twitter, tumblr and on her blog for pictures galore. She updates throughout the day.

PS- Gina also reviews products for natural hair and blogs about how she maintain hers.



Married |Dating | Kids?

I’m dating a lovely man, and I have no children

Where are you from?

I’m from London, UK


I work in the hair industry. In a salon

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since april 2008

What inspired Natural Belle | Hairspiration?

I was growing yet another relaxer out of my hair and going natural, getting bored and looking for ideas on styling and products. I came across a blog called urban curlz, it was a really inspiring blog featuring natural hair. This opened up a new world for me. I was so inspired by these fierce women embracing their natural beauty that I decided to document my own journey and post images of natural women with great style. Natural belle has grown from there. It is still very much about my journey but I also share more aspects of my life.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is chaotic. I chop and change a lot but always tend to go back to vintage inspired looks from 20’s to the 70’s I’m a style adulterer. I can never stick with one look for long. Thankfully my job allows me to be creative, so I’m never held back by traditions I’m not into being formal. I’d wear a ball gown to sporting event and jeans to the boardroom. I like to mix it up. I’d best describe my current look as tongue in cheek.. try not to take it to seriously.

You are always so well put together, and you exude confidence. Who/what inspires that?

Thank you. My mother inspired me a lot growing up. She was always very well turned out and feminine but she was also lots of fun from her bright colors to her White blonde beehive hairstyle. I always carry a little of her “couldn’t careless” attitude with me.

Why natural? And how do you keep up your do?

I love the look of natural hair, growing up I repressed it, now I’m in love with my hair at any length. At the moment I’m rocking a teeny weeny Afro (twa) which is pretty much a wash and go affair. I use mostly darcys botanicals to keep my hair looking good.

Where do you shop?

I’m a high street girl! The British high street Is one of the best in the world. My favorite stores are h&m, river island, Zara and uniqlo. I also shop at a UK store called primark which is great for a bargain or two. I like vintage markets, like portobello and bricklane.  I mix a lot of vintage with high street Clothes.

What advice do you have for starters in the blogosphere?

Be friendly and positive! There is nothing worse then a negative blogger. And most of all, be honest. Blog about what you love and are passionate about. Update regularly and think outside of the box.

What are 3 items you can’t live without?

Darcy botanicals curling jelly, food and my iPhone

What is/are your daily inspiration

Street style, music of the 50’s and 60’s; I love the crystals and the ronettes and musicals.

What are your favorite items/pieces this season?

Full calf length skirts, fur everything!, brogues and flowers

Which blogs do you have to visit daily?

The fashion bomb daily, adoredaily, style pantry, clutch, coco+cream, moptopmaven, adore vintage, yeye style blog, the cherry blossom. Girl……I spend a lot of time online blog stalking.

Your favorite color?

Coral, moss green, and black

Your dream vacation spot?

Anywhere with my lovely boyfriend

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully ill be happy and healthy and still doing what I love.

Are you currently on your dream job (if not, what is your dream job?)

I like my current job. It is vibrant and always changing like me. But I would love to write a book for teenagers about style, confidence and inner beauty, as I wish I had something like that to read when I was growing up.



  1. Elena Sharapova November 11, 2010 Reply

    such a great interview, loved reading this!, thanks!


  2. Cheris Courtney November 12, 2010 Reply

    Great interview! NaturalBelle is one of the blogs that I stalk. As a matter of fact, I think I may have found your site through hers. =)

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