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Puff Shoulder Leather Jacket + H&M Dress

I love a good bargain. I really do. This dress was already inexpensive to begin with, but I debated purchasing it. Each time I walked over to the H&M down the street, there it is.. greeting me hello! I’d pick it up, stare at it and say.. nah! By the way, I’m always hoping and praying they don’t have my size, so I can justify not buying it. Haha. Two weeks ago, walked into H&M. Again, in my face. This time, I decided to try it on. They had it in my size, I might as well. Besides, it had been on sale for a few months now. Ugh! Lovies, as soon as I tried it on, I almost slapped myself. WTH was I thinking to leave this dress on the rack all lonely? Shame on me! You want to know the crazy thing? OK, maybe not crazy because you are probably use to me saying this. I can rock this dress in so many ways. I already have four looks in my head. Ha. I love it. By the way, those boots are becoming my favorite. And these red ones. Jacket is from H&M (purchased last year). Enjoy..



  1. Justyna November 1, 2010 Reply

    beauty! beauty! beauty!

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