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Infinity Pools at Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Ranked #3 on Travel+Leisure’s 2010 list of World’s Top 50 Hotels, the Jade Mountain Resort on the islands of St. Lucia in the Caribbean has stolen our hearts.

As you might have noticed by now, we’ve kinda got a thing for infinity pools (if you haven’t see the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool in Singapore, you need to check it out). This resort has also taken the art of the infinity pool a step further, even if in a completely different way; they’ve made an infinity pool an essential facet of each room’s design.

The infinity pool serves as the bridge between in the indoor and out, as the 4th wall in each room is left open to let you soak in the gorgeous views of the ocean and coastal cliffs. Look through the photos below and try to keep your jaw off the floor.

From the Jade Mountain website:

Each infinity pool sanctuary at Jade Mountain is a carefully designed, individual work of art and architecture. All of the sanctuaries celebrate an unparalleled view of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. In all of the sanctuaries, the 4th wall is open to the views while at the same time allowing for complete privacy. An additional panoramic quality is provided by sanctuaries on particular elevations and those located on corners.

All sanctuaries feature 15ft high ceilings and…all other aspects, layout and size vary from sanctuary to sanctuary. In addition to locally made fine tropical wood furniture an eclectic collection of furniture has been placed in the sanctuaries giving each one of them their own individualistic ambiance.

The living areas of the rooms are finished with more than 20 different species of tropical hardwood flooring and trims harvested in an environmentally correct way. JADE MOUNTAIN’s technicians actually visited the Rain Forest of Guyana and personally chose which trees to be used. A multitude of hardwoods has been used including Purpleheart, Greenheart, Locust, Kabukali, Snakewood, Bloodwood, Etikburabali, Futukbali, Taurino, Mora and Cabbage Wood.

We’re quickly building a list of must-stay hotels, and this is definitely now near the top of the list.



  1. Justyna October 25, 2010 Reply

    oh my god, that’s too beautiful!

  2. greghuntoon October 25, 2010 Reply

    The problem with places like this is that at some point, you have to leave. The first three pictures in this post are just insanely ridiculous. Why would I want to leave? Answer me that, goose! Why!?!?!

    I am wondering however…how do you “close” the room? What happens when you’ve got torrential downpour which happens often in the tropics?

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