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Most Expensive House in the World – Antilia in Mumbai, India

The world’s fourth richest man, India’s Mukesh Ambani, has just finished building his dream home, worth over a billion dollars, which makes it now the most expensive house in the world.

The 27-story tower is called Antilia (named after the mythical Atlantic island Antillia) and the hanging gardens of Babylon were the source of inspiration for what will be home for Ambani, his wife, three children, and of course, his mum.

Here’s a list of just some of the home’s features:

  • 400,000 square feet
  • Separate gyms for each family member in the 2-floor health centre
  • Four floors of open air hanging gardens
  • Six floors of parking (enough for 160 cars), and a floor dedicated to the maintenance and servicing of the family’s cars
  • Three helipads
  • Nine elevators
  • Full theatre able to seat 50 people with a full wine and snacks bar
  • Multiple swimming pools, spa, and jacuzzi
  • A grand ballroom
  • 35,000 square feet of living quarters for the family

And get this, the entire house has a staff of 600+ people. Yes, that’s right, 600+ people who are employed to serve 6 people. That’s a 100:1 ratio, folks.

Not sure how great this accomplishment is, considering it was erected in a city where the average income is somewhere around $135 / month. To put it all in perspective, if this house had been purchased through a bank loan, it’s monthly mortgage would have been in the vicinity of $13million / month.

Source: Archinect

Cheris Courtney
Cheris Courtney

Seriously?! .... Could've slayed me at "separate gyms for each family member" alone. ITA w/Justyna. I would not be offended if he threw me his spare change. If he can sling it around like this, surely a mil or two is nothing to him.

Style Pantry
Style Pantry

I mean, do they really need 600 people to take of them? They could have stopped at 100 (doesn't make it better, but still.)


really? could he throw me a couple of bones? I'd take like 0.01% of it, and be set for life! SERIOUSLY!


The shit that blows me away is the discrepancy between what his mortgage would be, and what the average person makes in Mumbai. I know wealth is relative, but extravagance like this just blows my mind. I don't know this guy from Adam, so I'm not judging...I just think that billion dollars (or half of it) could probably help ensure that more people make it through the day today, tomorrow and the next. Honestly, I can't even fathom spending $50million on a home, let alone a billion. *shakes head*


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