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RVC, Coral Tree Cafe and I

I seriously don’t know how we go from the hottest days in Los Angeles to cold & rainy days within days. Lol. Freaking blows my mind, but I’m not complaining. Fall is my favorite season and I have been looking forward to layering my clothes. That said, I’m wearing plain jersey v-neck maxi dress, black sheer shirt from H&M (bought 3 sizes bigger). I posted the blue one here and the story behind the shirts. A faux fur vest (also sizes bigger), Zara skinny belt, Miu Miu kitten booties and tons of jewelry!

The MiuMiu cowboy booties are like 6 years old. Got them in London at the Miu Miu store on Oxford. Fell in love with them because they are kitten heels which sets them apart from the regular chunky heel boots.

By the way, If you have been following me on twitter, you know how much I profess my love for Coral Tree Cafe’s Red Velvet Cake. I consider myself a red velvet cake connoisseur . I seriously go from one restaurant/bakery/cake shop to another trying red velvet. In Los Angeles, I have narrowed it down to my 3 best, and Coral Tree ranks in top two. Yes! So, I was excited when they invited me in. I went to the CTC Express in Century City. I skipped the meal and just went straight for the desert.

The red velvet cake is super moist. It’s a 3 layer cake of decadence. I’m not usually a frosting/icing type person, because believe it or not, it’s too sweet for my likening, but Coral Tree gets it right. The cake is delicious, but the frosting??? I have no words to describe it. It is that good.

I don’t eat my cake with milk. I prefer a tall glass of water with no ice. I think milk takes away from the sweetness, but that’s just me.

For your information, I don’t like to be bothered when I’m eating desert. Particularly cake, and more so, RED VELVET. Heaven on Earth! Lol

Fine! I’ll take one pic. Hahahahaha. By the way, follow @CoralTreeCafe on twitter here. You get the latest news and happenings. Besides, the person behind the twitter account is just too rad. Super nice! Many thanks to Christine Kirk 🙂


  1. Justyna October 6, 2010 Reply

    that vest is stunning!!

  2. lo February 7, 2011 Reply

    where is your vest from?

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