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Marley Coffee – Stir It Up, One Love

I stumbled across a banner earlier today that was essentially just the emblem you see below. It read: “Marley Coffee: Stir It Up.” I don’t even drink caffeine and I was already brewing myself a cup in my head.

The Marley Coffee 52-acre Estate is on the top of the legendary Blue Mountains in Chepstowe, Portland Jamaica. The company is the passion project for Marley’s son Rohan Marley, and friend Shane Whittle. In addition to their Jamaican beans, Marley Coffee also features an array of shade-grown beans from the “finest coffee producing regions in the world, including Central and South America, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.”

Check it out, even if you stay for just one cup…

You know, we’re big fans of the Marley Family around these parts. We grew up on Bob’s music and are raising our children with the music from Bob and all of his kids as well. That was enough to get me to click through, but what I found out about this company when I got there really connected with my soul. A portion of all sales goes towards Kicks For Cause, and let me have the website explain what this foundation is all about:

“In order to give back to those who make Marley Coffee possible, and to take responsibility for building healthy, happy communities, Marley Coffee founded the Marley Coffee Foundation. The Foundation aims to provide playable soccer fields and soccer camps to children of the coffee producing communities around the world. A percentage of sales from all Marley Coffee products sold goes to the Foundation to improve the conditions and opportunities for those who make our products possible.”

Before you leave, make sure to learn more about Kicks For Cause, find where you can buy Marley Coffee, and watch some videos about the company. And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



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