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Leopard Long Sleeve Maxi

Hey, Lovies, there’s a story behind this leopard dress. I searched everywhere for it the moment I saw it. I was so desperate, I saw a Chictopian post it up on Chictopia and asked her to buy me the dress in NY and send it over. I promised to pay all expenses and was willing to give interest. Desperate much? Uhm, yup. As you know, I like my dresses 2 sizes bigger (at least), so I had her search for an 8, if that was out, a 10 would work. I can always fix it. Better to be too big than too small. Anyway, she came back saying they didn’t have the TWO sizes I had asked for. Every other size they had. I was depressed. Meanwhile, I kept visiting the store up the street from me. Checking everyday to see if they had it. No luck. Yesterday, I called. My favorite sales associate picked up and said, “oh yeah, we have the long sleeve leopard maxi”. I SCREAMED! Told her to reserve a size 8. I changed the rest of my plans, and dashed to to the store. I was there in like 5 mins..hahaha. I tried on the size and surprisingly, I didn’t like the “oversized” fit this time. Needless to say, I settled for my true size (4). I’m a happy camper. I think this is the most I’ve written. Ever. Lol.


I dressed it down today, but when next I wear it, I’ll be dressing it up. Enjoy…



  1. Lah S September 25, 2010 Reply

    absolutely love that on you! You rock the shizznit out of it!
    I’ve seen the dress on quite a few bloggers but have yet to see it at my local H&M.
    ~ Vintagehoney

    • Anonymous September 26, 2010 Reply

      Awww, thank you. You are so kind. It took a few weeks before it got to LA, so I’m sure it will get to you soon. What city are you in? If you want it bad, I can probably get it for you here and ship it? I don’t mind 🙂

  2. corinne roper September 30, 2010 Reply

    I’m desperate to find this dress too! I’ve been to every H&M within shopping distance to my work looking for it but to no avail! I managed to track one down in a size 8 but it was too small for me (sad face). Corinne

    • Anonymous September 30, 2010 Reply

      Awww sorry so sorry to hear that 🙂 I know..it flew off the shelves over here too.

      • corinne roper September 30, 2010

        Scrap that! Went into H&M tonight and found 2 (one in my size!) Hooray! x

  3. Vivian Chu October 5, 2010 Reply

    i just got this dress, can i ask what you wore underneath it? a black jersey tank dress or a black slip.. because i’m not sure what i should buy to wear underneath! Thanks in advance 🙂


    • Style Pantry October 6, 2010 Reply

      Hi, Vivian, I didn’t wear with a slip. I wore it footless tights and it worked perfectly. The tights were not as light as regular tights and not as thick as leggings. Another friend wore biker shorts. You can also try the spandex gym shorts? Really wish the dress wasn’t so light, but for 40 bucks, I’m really not complaining 😉

      • Vivian Chu October 6, 2010

        i agree! i can’t even tell that you’re wearing footless tights underneath, so just a bra on top i would imagine.. it looks fabulous on you!!

      • Style Pantry October 6, 2010

        Yes, just a black bra on top. You may want to try nude (for your skin tone) or a color similar to the olive on the dress. But since it’s getting cold, why not do a slip and call it a day..lol

        Love your blog, by the way. We should do a link exchange.

  4. Marsha Kirby October 9, 2010 Reply

    I saw this dress and by-passed at the store, but now looking at this, I think I’mma see if they have anymore…lol I LOVE animal prints, just didn’t know where I would wear this.

    • Style Pantry October 10, 2010 Reply

      You can wear it anywhere, Marsha. I wasn’t do anything special that day. Just lunch and errands. Lol. Why not?

  5. Anonymous November 11, 2010 Reply

    Hello!!!!! My name is Shavonda! I am a Fashion Designer and a lover of ALL THINGS FASHION! I have been on a MAD HUNT for this exact same dress! IN A SIZE 8! I am in Atlanta and I have looked from NY TO VA TO FL!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED IT BAD! I know how you felt so you should know exactly how I feel! If you can help me locate it I am willing to pay! PLEASE HELP ME! I need it by THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! signed FASHIONISTA 4 SURE!

  6. Dania February 21, 2012 Reply

    where can i find the maxi leopard dress

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