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Vintage Long Maxi Dress

Happy Labor day to you all. Geez, I find myself spelling “Labor” with a U “Labour”. I have to keep correcting myself. It’s the European way, however, I have been back in the States for 18 years. My 18th anniversary was actually yesterday. I guess some things just never change. Anyway, back to the outfit. I’m wearing this long vintage dress to a cook-out today that starts at 11 a.m. It has been cold this morning in LA, and I heard it’s going to stay cold, so I decided to wear a 3/4 sleeve long dress.  The bag was a gift from ALCHIMIE. The shoes (not sure you can see it) are from Urban Outfitters from about 6 years ago. They are white flats with studs. That’s it. Enjoy your day off. Kisses.



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