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Jimmy Choo Ugg

If you are following Nicky Hilton on twitter, then you’d have seen that she posted this photo of her new Jimmy Choo Ugg boots, and wrote “Love my new Jimmy Choo Uggs!” The collection launches in October, but Nicky apparently got a pair ahead of time. The collection will feature boots that retail between $495 and $795. Not a fan. Sorry!

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I currently run a 24" widescreen and a 19" standard display (which both have about the same vertical size). I use the 19" display for email, IM and widgets, and the main display as my work area. So a netbook with multiple displays appeals to me for sure, even though I tend to do only the most rudimentary work with my netbook, maybe if I had more screen I wouldn't feel so constrained. #kohjinshadualscreennetbook.