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A Jab At Fashion Bloggers

I have to say, in the last few months, I have struggled with the direction of Style Pantry. I have been leaning towards blogging about myself, featuring some of my outfits/wardrobe/finds, etc. First off, I’m truly shy and don’t fancy attention, second, I just find it weird posting pics of “me” regularly ( I have never featured myself)… Well, I was browsing through  FashionIndie, who pulled these images from  Le Petite Echo Malada, a newspaper that takes jabs at fashion bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, I give kudos to a lot of fashion bloggers, but I also think it’s gone way too far. Everyone is a fashion “expert” these days and it’s taken the fun out for a lot of us. The images are truly funny, though. Enjoy..









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