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Fashion Camp by Arieta Mujay

Recently interviewed Arieta Mujay, PR Guru & Stylist for River Island, London, about her up coming project Fashion Camp. I think this is such a fantastic idea for today’s youth in Africa. Please sign up. Give this as a gift to friends, sisters, brothers, etc. Kudos to Arieta and her team. Enjoy!


What is Fashion Camp and the Idea behind it?
Fashion Camp /fashion Club is a creative for kids with a passion for fashion. A week of fashion seminars for fashion savvy teenagers aged 13-24. The first of its kind in Lagos, FC aims to help teenagers with an interest in fashion, to learn and understand the ins and outs of the fashion industry.

Is this going to be a quarterly or annual seminar?
This is the 1st one but I hope to make it annual.

Arieta, your motto has always been “Fashionistas are born, not made.” So is the camp for the “born fashionistas” or for those who have no clue?
For BOTH actually, for those who are “born with it” no knowledge is lost and for those who aren’t necessarily fashion inclined, it aims to be as informative as possible.


Arieta Mujay

What can people expect to get out of this?
An understanding of the “real” fashion industry, how it works and how it affects people everywhere.

Will the camp be in a class setting/auditorium?
More like a seminar session.

What sort of classes will be taught?
Fashion writing/blogging, styling, fashion Pr, Photograghy, trend forecasting etc.

How many days will this camp run for at a time?
A week.


What is your goal for Fashion Camp and the students?
To create awareness and an understanding that wasn’t there when I started out. African parents aren’t too keen on sending their kids to college to study anything creative, I am hoping with fashion camp I can share my experiences with these kids and get them to understand if they Love fashion, they’ve got to follow their hearts and do it well.

Where do people register and get more information?
For more information/registration please contact Arietafashionista@gmail.com

Is Fashion Camp only for Nigerians and in Nigeria, or do you foresee this spreading to other African Countries?
This is the 1st one and its being held in Nigeria, who knows with major sponsors we can roll out throughout after in a few years.. fingers and toes crossed!!




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