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Part 2: Interview With Greg Alterman, Alternative Apparel

…And here’s the continuation of my interview with Greg Alterman, CEO & Owner of Alternative Apparel. If you are not following on twitter yet, you should follow Greg by clicking on his name above and follow the the company @Alternativeapp. Enjoy..

Greg Alterman, Owner of Alternative Apparel

Greg Alterman, Owner of Alternative Apparel

You started with basic tees and now alternative apparel has evolved to ready-to-wear. Can you tell us a bit about the evolution?

When Alternative began, our primary focus was on providing designers and individuals with a blank canvas to express their creative styles. As our popularity among a wholesale audience gave way to a growing consumer fan base, the direction of the company began to shift toward a complete lifestyle fashion basics brand. We began to break into new categories such as accessories, pants and outerwear to meet the needs of fashion-minded consumers who wanted that perfect marriage of comfort and style to wear from head to toe.


Do you draw inspiration from the “City of Angeles”?

Definitely. I’m inspired by music, art and all things creative, so naturally I turn to my surroundings for ideas and insight. From the people to the landscape to the architecture, I’m moved by what I see in L.A. each day. The laidback L.A. vibe has certainly worked its way into the Alternative aesthetic in the form of comfortable, casual luxury, but I believe this is a look which appeals to our unique community of wearers all over the world.


What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? Comfort and craftsmanship are key. When I set out to create the perfect t-shirt, I made sure that it was designed for fashion, made for comfort and hand-crafted for a flawless fit. Another crucial factor is authenticity. At Alternative, we display a consistent company culture with real people; anyone that deals with Alternative experiences the same feeling of authenticity—in the product as well as the people.


What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

Helping people not just to look good, but to feel good. It is my personal fashion philosophy that clothes can and should be stylish and comfortable. Hence, Alternative pieces fuse classic comfort with modern sophistication and style. I’ve always been a believer that only by achieving true comfort can we look and feel our best.


What is your vision for Alternative Apparel?

My vision for Alternative is two-fold. First, to be the preeminent lifestyle apparel brand, offering the highest quality and best value in fashion basics on the market. Secondly, by offering individuals a fashion experience which reinforces comfort—both inside and out—I hope to inspire others to share their authenticity with the world around them and make a difference with how they live.


Any collaborations in the horizon?

We’re always happy to support our fellow designers. It’s been an honor to work with up-and-coming designers like Richard Chai and Jeremy Scott this year and we’re certainly open to more creative collaborations with designers whose design philosophy aligns with our own artistic vision.


How do you prepare for a fashion shoot or show (when launching a new collection)?

Each fashion show or photo shoot is different, but I have an immensely talented design team to work with in preparation for every event. Our design lab is critical to the innovation of the company. Its LA location allows access to a variety of fabric sources, dye houses and specialized manufacturers. Both the designers and the creative team have what they need to be mad scientists of sorts, so there is definitely no shortage of ideas.





  1. stylewylde June 7, 2010 Reply

    Great Interview! I am a huge Alt. Apparel fan, it’s fab to see them getting much-deserved attention from style writers.

  2. Wholesale Clothes June 7, 2010 Reply

    All of Hollywood is already wearing Alternative Apparel, from George Clooney to Hayden Penetierre and the Gossip Girls cast. Wholesale Clothes

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