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Interracial Dating; Complex Magazine

So, by now I’m sure you’ve heard or read the whole debacle with John Mayer’s interview. The Playboy interview. Complex magazine did an interesting feature on celebrities’ takes on interracial dating based on the JM controversy.  Check out what some of your favorite celebs said below. What’s yours?


Dennis Rodman

“I go out with White women. This makes a lot of people unhappy, mostly Black women. I’ve had them come up to me and say, `Why don’t you date a Black woman?’ Black women didn’t accept me when I was younger. I wasn’t attractive. I didn’t have money or fancy clothes. I wasn’t whatever it was they wanted.” – Bad As I Wanna Be, 1996

Jon B

“It’s not that I prefer black girls, but that’s who I find myself relating to as a human being. I am also attracted to really ghetto girls, straight out the hood…a thickey, a real ‘pass the hot sauce’ type girl.” – VIBE, 1998

Amanda Bynes

“It’s amazing how good it feels when someone knows how to love your body! I am having withdrawals from a certain guy lol :)…so turns out i prefer chocolate over vanilla…interesting.” and “FYI If any girls are mad that I like “chocolate” they need to seriously get OVER it. sorry you can’t have chocolate for yourself :)…So quit hating on me because I’m VANILLA and I like CHOCOLATE, ok? Because it makes you look like a hater 🙂 thanks so much, bye!!! :)” – Twitter, 2010

Kanye West

“If it wasn’t for race mixing, there would be no video girls. Me and most of my friends like mutts a lot…yeah in the hood they call them mutts.” – Essence, 2006

You can read the rest here!