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Chanel Lightbulb Heels

So, we are really fascinated by Karl Lagerfeld. Seriously, if the opportunity to be in the same room {with him} presented itself, it will be to pick his brains out. WTF is going on in there???? He is such a fantastic creative. That said, what are these shoes about and what was he thinking? This is called…creative overload!!! We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, and yes ladies, you need batteries. Enjoy!






thank u



  1. yaya October 12, 2009 Reply

    after reading too many an interview with Karl and watching him on TV, I daresay his personality is more of Monet (a la Clueless) for me… I’d rather enjoy his designs and have him hush it up…

    love the shoes… they can work as perfect nightlights as well, when you’re stuck trolling the floor for your dropped lipgloss or lipstick cap in the club lol!

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