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Leon Verres Luxury Shoes

How far would you go, and what’s the most you’d spend on luxury goods? Leon Verres just launched an uber-luxurious shoe line. Earlier this year, Leon Verres debuted a champagne that costs $2.75 million a bottle due to the diamond and fur bottle covers. Pic #1 is the Taj Mahal, which retails for $145,000. According to the site, the shoes are high fronted gold leather sandals made of real gold, with sparkling diamonds, sapphires from Sri Lanka and emeralds from Columbia. Pic #2 is called Temple of Gold, and retails for $119,000 and pic #3 is called Vision Divine – retailing for $113,000, the divine silver sandals are gemmed with valuable black diamonds, and the heels are made of real platinum. To see the rest of the collection, go here. Enjoy!






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