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Archive for August, 2009

  • The Radio Is A Rock

    By SP on August 27, 2009
    “My ROCK Radio. The number two in my cement-audio-series. It started off being a very nice rectangular brick shape. Then I found out that a thick layer of cement shields the radio from actually receiving radio waves. With my “Now it doesn’t work anyway” philosophy, I took a big hammer and created this Flintstones look, and the radio works!” Created […]
  • Pretty Young Things

    By SP on August 26, 2009
    This i-D cover has been propped up for a while now, and it’s finally here. It features the following models; Chanel Iman, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Arlenis Sosa. This cover was shot by Emma Summerton. The ladies are the “pretty young things” though. Gotta admit! Loving their flawless skin.
  • Trousers London

    By SP on August 26, 2009
    Super impressed with this brand! Trousers London was launched during London Fashion Week back in 2008 and they are doing rather well. According to Yatzer, the brand consists of a team of four creatives with a background in design, architecture, advertising and business respectively. What’s interesting about this jean brand is that each pair of jeans they produce is exclusive […]
  • Givenchy’s Black Box

    By SP on August 25, 2009
    According to Givenchy‘s yearly tradition (for the last four years), they unveil a “Black Box Creation” which is a special limited edition offer. This year,  for the fourth edition and in continuity of Rosario, they are presenting this brooch…which is of Moroccan origins. It is reminiscent of the Southern Cross and dear to Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy. According […]
  • Curved Heel By Dior

    By SP on August 25, 2009
    Hot of the press, well, from Dior’s fall winter 09 fashion show in Paris, these shoes are smoking!!!! The heels are nicely curved for comfort. Love the fact that it’s not exactly pointy toe – neither is it rounded. It’s in between. The colors are great, but the red ones really have the edge that we tend to go for. […]
  • Jessica Stam Styled by Rachel Zoe

    By SP on August 25, 2009
    So Rachel Zoe has a style spread in V Magazine Issue #61 featuring Jessica Stam. It’s called “Pump Up The Stam.” Zoe has Jessica in looks you are expected to see this fall (80s). Seems like everyone is coming out with a “fashionable workout video” of some sort. The model is Leandro Maeder. Loving the shoes in the last pic. […]
  • Model, Jess Hart

    By SP on August 24, 2009
    We just love to see her smile. She is so beautiful, however, we are inlove with her because she is inlove with the gap in her teeth. The Aussie model is all over campaigns and shoots, and we can say that we are proud of the fashion industry for accepting this gap-tooth hottie. The last time we saw a model […]
  • Tesla Roadstar

    By SP on August 24, 2009
    Saw one of these for the first time this weekend! Prior to that, we had never seen one driving on the road. We were driving on Venice blvd., and here comes a red Tesla cruising by/past us. Goodness, it is the sweetest and fastest electric car on the planet. Immediately, we went on their site, and had to post to […]
  • The Wash Basin

    By SP on August 24, 2009
    Jin-woog Koo and Jae-han Song from NOTHING Design Group took creativity to a whole new level and created one of the most unique wash basins we could possibly imagine. Drawing inspiration from the water stream that flows into the sea, The Origin is an allegorical design that uses a stone as its tap. All you have to do is “plug” […]
  • TreeHouse Autism

    By SP on August 21, 2009
    Here’s food for thought. We care about the kids here Style Pantry. As a matter of fact, we live for the young ones! Here’s a new campaign about the effect of autism on our kids. The pictures are pretty much self explanatory. This is such a powerful campaign, and we couldn’t resist posting. Help a child, help a non-profit. Have […]