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Time-Themed Fragance by Cartier

Cartier celebrates its 100th year and the are also launching a quintet of unisex scents. Les Heures de Parfum, which references their heritage with engraved Roman numerals, signature red, and gold-edged packaging. They are as follows; L’Heure Promise [I] is “the hour where everything begins,” L’Heure Brilliant [IV] “the happy hours, the hours of love, grace, laughter and freedom,” L’Heure Folle [X] “the crazy hour of nature,” L’Heure Mysterieuse [XII] “the private hour, a very sensual hour,” and lastly, La Treizieme Heure [XIII] “the dangerous, impossible hour of seduction.” The first three are eau de toilette, and the last two are eau de parfum. They are all sold separately and will retail for $250 for 2.5 oz. Enjoy!





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