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Vending Machine Dispenses Flat Shoes

Who says you have to suffer for fashion on a night out clubbing? If you are one to wear 4 or 5 inch heels to clubs, and can’t wait to get rid of those darn heels, Rollasoles has come to your rescue. You won’t be that girl walking around barefeet holding on to her heels while extiting the club. Rollasoles is setting up vending machines that dispenses flat shoes in clubs. It comes rolled up in a shoebox, and are available in a variety of shimmery colors including silver, black and pink and cost $8 to $10. The purchase also comes with a bag to carry your heels home in. According to Los Angeles times, the concept is a vending machine that dispenses flats to ladies whose feet can’t take another moment in their sky-high, toe-pinching heels. “The idea came to Horan after many nights carrying his girlfriend home from the clubs. It wasn’t easy finding a UK vending machine supplier to work with, however, so Horan revamped recycled cigarette machines, and his business took off running. In about a year, he’s sold 60,000 pairs. To check if your club is listed, go to their website.





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