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Walking Brooklyn, NY With Nelson George

profile_0I recently had a chance to be exposed in greater depth to Nelson George, and in the process, stumbled upon his Vimeo account. Nelson, for those of you who don’t know, is one of those NYC insiders that has been in and around all of the movements happening since the early 80’s.

He’s a writer and director (most notably, the HBO award winning movie Life Support, starring Queen Latifah), producer, music critique, and prominent African-American personality.

The first two videos below are great walking tours of Fort Greene in Brooklyn, while the third is a mini-documentary based on his memoir, City Kid. We’re happy to see that Moshood was featured as one of the five places to be in Fort Greene, as we love Moshood’s style and have quite a bit of it hanging in our closets.

There’s a great mood to how Nelson narrates, it’s as if his visuals are delivered on Miles Davis rhythms, and I’m not talking about the songs playing in the background.

Hopefully you’ll check these out and enjoy. I’ve watched them over and over, and each time I find myself on Sidestep.com looking at the prices for tickets to NYC.

5 1/2 Things About Ft. Greene By Nelson George from Nelson George on Vimeo.

4 1/2 Things About Fort Greene by Nelson George from Nelson George on Vimeo.

Nelson George: City Kid from Nelson George on Vimeo.