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For The Sake Of Art – Givenchy

We bring to you, intricate details from the show. Like the subject says “for the sake of art” – the Givenchy show/collection left us in awe, and took us from the world of fashion to a planet of artistry. The strong display of velvets, chunky gold rings, spiked tiaras, studs, metals everywhere, diamonds, where very well over-the-top, but looked right. We loved all the accessories, and let’s not forget to mention the dresses. The pale gowns embellished in bright colored stones, while some where embroidered and gave the goddess look. We’ll have to present the entire collection in a different post. This post is just to enjoy the art of fashion 🙂









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  1. adanma July 13, 2009 Reply

    I love iT! so many unique and beautiful items. those silver ankle boots are off the chain!!!!!particularly love the gown. embellished with pink stones…very sexy….you are so right, lots of chunky pieces and the presentation is on the mark!!!!

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