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Michael Jackson Vintage – Tribute

We are seizing all posts today in honor of Michael Jackson. We are deeply saddened by his loss, and we know you are too. Michael has truly been an inspiration to the world. Whatever part of the world you are in, MJ was heard of and celebrated. From Europe to the villages in Africa. He was rooted in each household. To think that he is no longer with us is unbearable and crushing. His spirit, songs, inspiration will live forever. Here is a collage of Michael Jackson pictures as we remembered him – please enjoy them and feel free to send us your “never seen before” photos of him.

We are saying goodbye to quite possibly the most celebrated music figure in history! Michael, we just can’t stop loving you! You rock! May you find the peace that you were looking for your whole life. Rest In Peace!




  1. Amanda Waterkins June 26, 2009 Reply

    MJ will be missed. I can’t believe he’s gone.

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