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Diesel 2010 Creatively Displayed

We love the fact that this collection was present to look like an ad! It is quite creative and unique to Diesel. We didn’t see models in diesel attire, well, maybe a couple. It didn’t really matter anyway because as mentioned earlier, what was captivating was the display of the collection which appeared like it had survived a fire. There was smoke all over, wrecked cars, household objects and appliances. The clothes looked stained with smoke “singed & trampled” and the tees had hazard warning on them. Quite frankly, we are not shocked by this. Diesel always makes a statement – a loud one!








  1. Jenn June 23, 2009 Reply

    This would be why they have models! lol Clothing looks so much better displayed on the human form rather than laying on the like a pile of dirty laundry!

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