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Brad Pitt Buys A $1 Million Rauch Painting

Now, I think most of us know that Brad Pitt collects art, right? Well his newest collection is this painting below by Neo Rauch. You can read up on Rauch here – he actually has a remarkable story. The painting looks great, but for almost a $1 million? I guess Brad really loves his art. Put it this way, it’s a great investment. After all, women are doing a lot worse for fashion. Himilayan Birkin bag..anyone? Apparently, there are on three of this rare diamond-encrusted Hermes in the world and Victoria Beckham has one. She supposedly own a collection worth nearly $2 million. So there you have it. Some people invest in art, some in birkin bags 🙂


Actor Brad Pitt briefly sent camera phones on fire earlier today at the Art Basel art fair in Basel, Switzerland, when he lingered ebfore Neo Rauch’s rainbow-colored racertrack painting, “Etappe,” at the booth of New York deal David Zwirner. The 1998 Painting depicts a swirling view of a drive behind a red, Formula One-style racecar, with workers nearby carrying candy-colored hoses.

After eyeing the 9-foot-wide work for several minutes, Pitt rubbed his goatee, fiddled with his tweed driving cap, and walked away. Zwirner, looking slightly anxious, said, “He’s on the fence. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.” Pitt returned minutes later with Eli and Edythe Broad, the major Los Angeles collectors. Pitt and Broad conferred and then the group left.

Broad, hours later, says he gave the actor a friendly nudge. “I told him we had four Rauchs and if he didn’t buy it, we probably would.” The peer pressure worked: Pitt soon after agreed to buy the oil on linen Rauch for just under $1 million, the gallery confirmed.

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  1. Adanma June 12, 2009 Reply

    Beauty and attraction is in the eye of the beholder for sure. When I heard of this, I couldn’t stop thinking how many actually zero’s this man dropped for a painting. When I look at this painting , Isure as hell don’t see a paintign worth $1mil.

    I am trying to understand this painting. It looks like a movie set, then it looks like a contruction site. Does this paintign have a name?

    $1 mil, must be nice to truly splurge.

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