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Not Your Mama’s Supermodel.

Who is she?

Chanel Iman.

Why is she relevant?

Because this 19 year old is about to snatch the crowns from Naomi and Iman (whom she is named after).   After bursting on the scene 3 years ago, Chanel Iman is quickly becoming the next black supermodel.

Why should you continue to watch out for her?

Not only is she gorgeous and can tear that runway up, but she is also the shining beacon of hope that we will continue to have that top black model for little girls that are not of the blonde hair, blue eyed persuasion to look up to ( although our blue eyed blondes bring the fierceness as well).

Where can you catch her next?

Chanel is all over.  One week she may be in Paris chatting it up with Galliano and Lagerfeld and the next week you will catch her in NYC kicking it with Ryan Leslie or Rihanna.  Wherever Ms. Iman is, rest assured there is a runway she just came off of or a photoshoot she is about to do.  The girl gets it in!! So look out for her in all your high fashion mags and on the style network.  This won’t be the last time you’ll see her face. I promise.


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